Tuesday, August 26, 2014

How to Have a Biblical Response When Christian Leaders Fall

Lately it seems that many Christian leaders and their failures have been in the limelight recently and many have fallen due to unfortunate sin in their lives.

We need to remember that when this happens that it not only hurts those around them but it also hurts the church in general--the church that God said He would build, filled with people who want to give Him glory and see His name and gospel proclaimed throughout the world, so we need to pray for all those involved.

I wanted to share this article on giving grace to Christian leaders who fail, to help those who are struggling emotionally and how to handle their thoughts and actions biblically.

"When a Christian leader you’d looked up to and learned from messes up royally (and unfortunately it’s not a matter of if but when you’ll experience this), I know what you’ll want to do. You’ll want to block them on Facebook and delete their pictures on your Instagram account and burn their books and reject every truth they ever taught you but apparently didn’t live themselves.

A flood of emotions will bombard you from all sides—anger, disbelief, revulsion, guilt for not having seen through their hypocrisy. Your stomach will hurt, your head will ache, you’ll feel like throwing up. You won’t be able to understand how they could’ve preached against the very thing they were doing in secret."

Read the rest HERE.

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HisPrincessWarrior said...

I have actually read this post already, and it was FABULOUS. Great idea to share it here where more ppl can reach it :) Blessings!


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