Friday, July 18, 2014

Do You Need to Earn Extra Money? A Wonderful Home Income Opportunity with Lilla Rose {& Free Shipping on Starter Kits!}

Many of you know that I have been sharing about Lilla Rose for the last couple years on my blogs-- and since they are so popular you also have probably seen them everywhere else too! What you probably DON'T know is that Lilla Rose is a wonderful company that has been a blessing to SOOO many stay at home moms providing them extra supplemental income their families while allowing a way for them to stay at home with their children as they work within the comfort of their home.

What I really love about Lilla Rose is that it is up to you on how much time you put in. As a mom of 9 children I don't always have time to invest hours into a business and with Lilla Rose I don't need to! I put in what I can and work on my own schedule. That is a blessing in itself!

Not only that but Lilla Rose also offer some wonderful things like:

  • 30-45% commission (this is higher than most companies, this means more money for you!)
  • free website (other companies charge a fee)
  • amazing support for consultants
  • they have a small easy minimum annual requirement of $29 (trust me, this is very attainable, and other companies are much higher!)

What is even more wonderful about Lilla Rose is that you don't have to do parties like you do with some other companies to earn an income (unless you'd like to), I only sell online and have many other friends who sell online only and are VERY successful at it! Since this is my very first direct sales company that I have ever worked with I was also surprised to see how easy it was to earn income with them.

Now I am very excited to share with you that  right now they are having a 14 day special  where you can receive free shipping on all starter kits until the end of the month! That is a fantastic deal that you won't want to miss!

I started out with a $40 kit (very affordable) and made that money back immediately and since then several times over! There are different kit options for you to choose from, but if you want to start out with more bang for you buck (having several clips to have on stock) you might want to check out the Fast Start Kit (you can only sign up for this one when you FIRST sign up, this option is NOT available later). Many consultants wish they had started out with this one because it offers the most product to get them started.

Now if you are interested in joining Lilla Rose (currently for USA residents only) and taking advantage of the FREE SHIPPING on starter kits for the next 14 days, click HERE.

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