Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mother's Day Gift Ideas {Plus Special Bonus & Lilla Rose Giveaway!}

Mother's Day is around the corner--I am very much looking forward to it as we should have our new baby daughter by then. But I got to thinking about how we can celebrate this day with more meaning and give special attention to the mother's, grandmother's and mother-in-laws in our lives. And here are a few ideas:

1. The Gift of Sleep, Free Time and Service- a few extra hours of sleep is a blessing to any mom. Let her sleep in and make her coffee and breakfast when she awakes for a special treat. Give her some free time to read her Bible,  go shopping, visit her favorite coffee house with some friends, her nails done, etc. Help clean her house, her car, her room, her yard, anything that she needs help with.

 2. The Gift of God's Word, Peace, & Quality Time- pray for her, put printed out Scripture into pretty frames or write a letter of love sharing His Word with her. Also. since time is free be sure to spend time together maybe going on a walk, playing a game or having tea. Tell her how important and love she is to the whole family!

3. The Gift of Food, Memories, and Laughter--make her a meal (something really nice or a favorite of hers), go through some fun old photos or some home videos from yesteryear that you know she would enjoy. Be sure to laugh and create fun new memories while you are at it--she is special and deserves a break on this day!

But many of you would still like to give an extra special gift to that special mom in your life. Might I mention and recommend The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Here is why:

  • It contains motherhood eBooks for just 38 cents! In fact all the eBooks are that much! There are 84 books and resources total by Christian authors (many that are friends of ours) who will bless her socks off! Plus free printables, ecources, and more!
  • You can split up the books once it is purchased. You can send eBooks to all the mothers that you know (as long as you don't keep them on your computer once you do). Many bundles do not allow this--that is why we love The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and support it!
  •  There are $200 in free bonuses! Some are totally free and if you choose to use others sometimes a small shipping fee is required. 
  • Get two additional bundles for the price of one-- This year they are offering it again--that is about $60 for 3 bundles.
  •  Affordable--To get this many resources for such a low price is unheard of. and only for a limited time (ending Monday). But we understand if that is too much for your budget (we understand how things can get tight) so here is an idea-- you might want to split the costs with a friend or several friends and divide the books up by what you'd like to read!
  • NEW Kindle Version available--For the first time ever they are offering the Kindle Version and it seems to be a popular choice for many. So if mama has a favorite ereader and loves to read this would be the perfect gift.  

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle

Wise Woman Hot Tip

Now because we love our readers and want to bless them we are going to do two special things! We are going to add a special bonus on to anyone who buys through our link-- We are going to add in a FREE copy of True Christian Motherhood (if you already own a copy we can "gift" it to anyone you'd like, and a FREE printable (but remember you must have bought through our link. All you have to do is email me your receipt and we will be happy send it out to you!

Also we are going to have a $30 Lilla Rose giveaway for you to enter to win as a gift for your mom:

You can get The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle here:

Buy the PDF BundleBuy the Kindle Bundle

And contact me at for your exclusive FREE bonuses!

We look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I would like to read Pursuit of Motherhood the most .

  2. I shared on FB.. under Kendra Steinke

  3. I would like to read Pursuit of Motherhood the most .

  4. I think "Hospitality: Duty of a Christian Home" and "The Weekly Homeschool Planner" would be very useful. Thanks for a great giveaway. - F. Thomas

  5. Diy naturals and Pursuit of motherhood are my two picks

  6. I've always wanted to read "Steady Days". Great giveaway!!

  7. 5 Days to Budget Breakthrough looks like it might be helpful ;-)

    Leah Williams

  8. I Pinned this giveaway.

    Leah Williams


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