Friday, April 25, 2014

A Wise Woman Seeks to Put Her Life in Order

"Hi June--my life, home, and family has been in chaos lately. I know that I need to stop wasting time and get focused on it all but I just don't have the self discipline to do it. I feel like I am always yelling at my kids and have lost my love for homemaking. What should I do?"

When I get messages like this, I have compassion because I know how hard it is to have a large family, keep your personal life in check, and run a bustling household, etc.  Some days can be wonderful but then you have some days that can also be very difficult and feel like you are undergoing some kind of heavy trial (can you relate?).

I am so grateful for the grace we have in our Savior, who takes us as we are--broken, sinful, messy, yet we are His. We do not have to work our way to Him in anyway since His Son paid the price for us.

And yet on that same hand we want our lives to reflect order and peace (1 Corinthians 14:33) to reflect Him in our lives.

So here are a few quick tips to help you get your life back in order:

1. Read your Bible and pray. Meditate on God's word and replace it with faulty or wrong thinking. Take all wrong thinking captive and purposefully being mindful of the demise it can cause in your life. This time is important and should not be neglected since His word is the "wellspring of life".

2. Trust in God and He will help you. Read His Word and be sure to apply it to your life. Turn away from sin you have allowed in your life and instead do the Lord's work and serve Him. Ask Him to help you to change your life around.

3. What is in your heart comes out of the mouth., so be sure to check it. If you have struggles with your tongue, anger, and yelling the bible "says that out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks", this is definitely a heart issue.

4. Take a close look at your life.  Where have you allowed disorder and idleness to come in? A little here and a little there can sometimes lead up to more than you had imagined.  Shut that open door of wasted time in your life so that you can regroup and reprioritize. Remember what we have shared here in the past? God first, husband second, children third, and home last. If there is time for more, make sure you are tending to these important things first!

5. Gain a renewed vision for the home. Sometimes I have to take a step back to gain perspective about what really matters. I can quickly lose sight of what I cherish the most as the days go rushing by and I am not focused on keeping a gentle and quiet spirit about me. I don't want to join the rat race but I want to make my home a sanctuary set apart from this world. I can only do this if  I am focused  on those things and not constantly pulled and drawn away from it. I need to control my time so I can use it for His eternal purposes.

(If you are interested in building up a strong Christian home for yourself and your family, I highly recommend our latest book, How to Build a Strong Christian Home. )

And finally, can I just say that I can't possibly cover every single point in a blog post but I do want you to know that I realize that life has it's ups and downs that sometimes we just can't control. I really understand that--we need to be flexible when that happens and realize there are no perfect "formulas" that will fit every situation, but I am grateful that we have a God that speaks to all of our issues and is always there for us.

What things do you need to put in order in your life?


sarah in the woods said...

Thank you for these encouraging words. Very timely (and timeless) post.

Unknown said...

I am currently in the process of trying to get
my home back in order and re focused on GOD...need all the encouragement I can get...Thank you ♡

Jami Balmet said...

Thank you so much for highlighting my book! :) I can't wait to dig into all of these awesome resources :)

Kate Jacobs said...

Encouraging post. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this post! I do well for a few weeks keep slipping back.

Anonymous said...

I use to be a stay at home mom. Now I work full-time and have four children. Order in my home has a whole different meaning now. I don't like chaos by any means but I had to learn to lighten up and let go of a whole lot.

jerryralph said...

Thank you

The Mama Behind the Story said...

Absolutely love this! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. :)

TeeNA said...

Thank you! I really needed this! God Bless you:)

Unknown said...

thanks for sharing. God bless!


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