Thursday, March 13, 2014

Slow to Be Offended, Quick to Extend Grace

Beautiful words over at the True Woman blog today on the topic of pastor's wives and some of the hurt they can experience:

"Through grace, we can become that beautiful, unique combination of a thick-skinned but tender-hearted woman. It's not that we want to grow calloused, indifferent, or that it's wrong to struggle with sadness. So what do I mean by being thick-skinned? 

 It means having the grace and strength to avoid being overly sensitive or easily hurt. It means cultivating hearts that are soft, tender, and warm. There's such beauty in a woman who is slow to be offended, quick to extend grace, and who genuinely loves even those people who have caused pain (1 Cor. 13)."

I think whether you are a pastor's wife or not we would all be wise to be slow to be offended and quick to extend grace in every area of our lives. 

 Read the rest here:

Encouraged here?

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