Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Attention Bloggers: Do You Need Help Self Publishing, Editing Your eBook--or Website Services?

As a blogger and blog consultant I  usually always have my hand is some kind of online project around here, and as many wise bloggers know that sometimes it can be so important for your sanity to partner up with someone who can just give you a helping hand. 

Several of you have asked me who edited and formatted our most recently released popular eBook, How to Build a Strong Christian Home: One Step at a Time.


Well, if you lean in, I will let you in on my secret weapon-- there is one special lady who was instrumental in making it all happen! And that special lady is Melinda Tipton of The Helpy Helper.


Melinda was absolutely amazing and I have never worked with anyone quite like her. She was humorous, quick,  and professional!

 She totally went ABOVE AND BEYOND the call of duty, doing even little things just to give me an extra hand. Her customer service and support was off the charts and I can't even begin to tell you what a blessing she was to me with all the extended help and attention that she gave.

Now Melinda offers several types of services. She did the:

  • editing of my eBook 
  • the formatting of it to PDF
  • formatting to Kindle, 
  • formatting to EPUB 
  • creating the 3D image for book cover
  • brushed up my original design of my book to make it look more professional 

And can I just say she was worth every penny?  It is really important to understand the amount of time that goes into these--hours and hours of  painstaking work can go into preparing an eBook and getting it ready--it is definitely worth the initial investment of having someone help you up front. I am so glad I found her. Did I also mention that I was on a quick timeline to get this project done?  She more than helped me meet my deadline and for that I was grateful!

Melinda  also offers other valuable services that you might be interested in such as: 
  • website set up
  • graphics
  • and logo design

You will definitely want to visit her Portfolio Page to check out her work,  you can click here or the button below:


Here are some eBooks cover/backs she has worked on:

Amanda Pelser's Kids in the Word series 
Heather Haupt's The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks 
Becky Spence's (This Reading Mama) Teaching Kids to Spell and How to Choose "Just Right Books" Bonnie Rose Hudson's Asia: Its History and People

And site designs:


I can't recommend this gal highly enough, so if you need some extra work done,  don't go it alone. You definitely should give her a call!

 If you are interested in Melinda and her services, you can visit her site The Helpy Helper, email her at melinda@thehelpyhelper.com, or call her at 903-948-4893 or click here to get a quote--and tell her that June sent you!

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