Saturday, December 14, 2013

Not for the Faint- Hearted

The following is an encouragement to pastor's wives, but I believe this  also stands true for wives of husbands in ministry and/or just in general of husbands who work hard or carry many responsibilities.

"Being a pastor’s wife is not for the faint-hearted. We have to share our husband’s attention, energy, and affection. It is so easy to become bitter and that is exactly what the enemy desires… bitter, angry, detached wives that tear their husbands down when what they need is support for their wobbly arms as they hold up so much.

Please, my friends. I beg you. Be gracious to your men as they try to fulfill all their responsibilities well."

- Annie Brogan

I am so grateful for a husband who does his best to divide up his time between his work and church responsibilities and family life. He purposefully tries to make time for me and my children constantly especially when I know he sometimes is just plain exhausted. May I always remember to be gracious to him in all that he does, praying for him, helping him in his weaknesses, loving him unconditionally, and remembering the huge responsibility that he carries-- may I never take that for granted.

Encouraged here?


Anonymous said...

Beautiful words. Thank you.

girlofgrace said...

Inspiring for any wife. Thank you!

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