Monday, December 30, 2013

More Changes Again

I woke up a few days after the blur of Christmas and took a good look at my blog. It must be the pregnancy hormones because I kept thinking I needed to change things around and that I didn't *love* the old design---so once again we have a brand new design!

I hope you like it--I am really loving this one. I especially like that since even though it is cold and snowy outside that it is warm and springlike on the blog. I can rebel against the weather, can't I?

Also, I went to get an ultrasound  not too long ago and the doctor said if he would have to put his money on it that he thinks I am having a GIRL!  If I am, then I think this design is quite fitting. I go in very soon for a more accurate ultrasound this week so I will keep you all updated.

I surprised my husband and his entire family by keeping it a secret until Christmas Eve where we have our big family get together. I had a surprise envelope with a big bow on it and told them that if there was a blue candy cane inside it was a boy and a red one meant a girl. Steve opened it and everyone was so surprised--mostly everyone thought it would be a boy (including myself, I even told my doctor, "Are you sure, can you check again?"). But they were elated so we shall see for sure this week.

My mother-in-law keeps telling me to post the ultrasound pictures online. I will do that soon when things slow down towards the latter part of this week.

But back to the design, I wanted to give you all the button to share on  your blog but didn't have time to have my daughter whip up some code for it yet. But since many of you already know how to save an image and place it on your blog linking back here is the new button.

and medium one:

and a smaller one:

I should have the code up and ready for our linkup on Wednesday. But feel free to grab the button above now and replace any old buttons you have. I will be keeping this one for awhile. When you share this button at your blog and link it back here or pin it on Pinterest (just hover over the image and click the "pin it" button) you are helping to spread the word about our ministry of sharing biblical womanhood and blessed motherhood and we thank you SO much for that!

I am looking forward to a new year with a fresh new design and spending it with you, my dear readers!



Mrs. U said...

Hi Mrs. Fuentes!
Who does your blog design? It is always so pretty and feminine!

Mrs. U

busymomof10 said...

Beautiful and Refreshing! Love the new look!

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