Friday, October 11, 2013

Busy Hands, Knitting Hearts

The other night I could tell that my middle daughter was feeling a bit restless so we took a stop over to Joann's to pick up something good that she could do with her extra time. This particular daughter has always loved working with her hands to keep busy. From a young age she has tried her hand at many endeavors, from embroidering to baking, to sewing full historical dresses by hand so I knew a project would bless her.

So we picked up this nice 16 project crochet kit. It is good to keep young hands busy.

She is planning to make a blanket for the new baby we are expecting next year. So she picked out this super soft yarn--it feels so soft it is like rabbit fur!

I think about our children and how much they need our guidance and time. Whether they are young or older, we can never underestimate the power of our words and actions as we seek to help them travel through the bumpy paths of life.

I always try to remember to make it a priority to take the extra time needed to speak to my children. What is going on in your life? What are you glad/sad about? How are your friends doing? How are you feeling about all the new changes? So much could be going on in a child's heart that we would miss if we were not intentional with them. Parents need to take the time to slow  down, step back from their busy schedules, and prioritize spending this type of time with your kids. It is the growing and connecting of heartstrings that mean so much and matter for a lifetime to come.

We also need to remember that parents are like anchors, and a healing balm,  in the lives of our children. Storms could be swirling all around them but it is the parent that can provide stability in their lives and in their homes. A parent can make all the difference in the world, providing shelter from all hardships the world can bring.

When we are on our deathbeds, no one will look at their clean homes or to-do lists then. We will think of God and our families first. May our children never look back and think that we were too busy for them. That is not the legacy that we want to leave.

What are you doing this week to strengthen your relationships with your children?

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Emma Joy said...

Great and thought provoking blog post! It makes a difference in a child's life when his or her parents reach out and show genuine interest in seeing how everything is going. Kids (and especially teenagers) may act disinterested or like they don't want to include their parents as part of their day to day life, yet it really makes a difference when the parents seek to spend quality time with their kids and make the time to talk to them. Kids may not always want to talk, yet it will be a comfort to them to know mom and dad are available and there with a listening ear the times they need someone who will offer greater counsel than their peers or even best friend at school!

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