Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Portraits of Integrity: Free eBook!

My sweet friend, author Marilyn Boyer, has just released a FREE eBook that I think you will truly enjoy. I just got mine today and am looking forward to sharing it with my family. It is called : Portraits of Integrity: Real People Who Demonstrated Godly Character (Volume 1):

Here is the description: 

One of the most powerful ways to inspire young people to greatness is through the stories of great people from the past. In Portraits of Integrity you and your children will be challenged to strive for excellence through the examples of 45 people in all three volumes who did just that. In Volume 1, they will meet:

--Jake DeShazer who was a prisoner of the Japanese during World War II. He was tortured and kept in solitary confinement for many months, but when a Bible came into his hands he became a Christian and later went to Japan to share the gospel with his former enemies.

--Lieutenant Adrian Marks, the brave young Navy pilot who set his seaplane down on a heaving, shark-infested ocean to pick up survivors of the sinking of the USS Indianapolis at the risk of his own life

--Lydia Darrah, the Quaker woman who overheard British plans to attack George Washington's unprepared army and cleverly took a secret warning to him, saving the army and the War of Independence.

And many others!

I love stories that inspire and encourage my family towards godly character, they seem to be so rare these days, wouldn't you agree?

You can find this FREE eBook HERE.


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