Sunday, April 28, 2013

Heartbreaking Stories

A friend of ours recently wrote an article for World Magazine (he's a regular writer) following the Gosnell abortion story--you can read it here:

What are your thoughts on this case?

Have you every picketed or stood outside an abortion center? And if so, did you ever get the chance to save a life?

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  1. I feel heartbroken every time I hear more 'details' on this horrific case....then again, in our society, it is 'easy' to see how people have hardened their hearts so much to life inside the womb... that we no longer regard them as 'humans', with the same rights as us.
    I have been just as outraged at some of the reactions (or lack of!) by people...especially in the media.
    I recently read another article from a Medical Journal of Ethics, where they ARGUED that life was not really life unless that person would miss their existence if it were taken from them. i.e. the unborn wouldn't count, forget severely handicapped individuals, and out with the elderly with dementia.... I felt like throwing up! But, instead I tried to pray...and discuss these issues at our family time (in an appropriate manner).

    We should never be silent on these issues. If we won't stand up for the weak, who will??


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