Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Christian Home: The Nursery

Strong words from a 19th century preacher:

"The nursery is moral and spiritual.

The first and religious training of the child belongs to the nursery, and is the work of the mother.

Upon her personal exhibition of truth, justice, virtue, etc. depends the same moral elements in the character of her child. In the nursery we receive our first lessons in virtue or in vice, in honesty or dishonesty, in truth or in falsehood, in purity or in corruption. The full-grown man is the matured child morally as well as physically and intellectually. The same may be said of the spiritual formation and growth of the child. Spiritual culture belongs eminently to the nursery. There the pious parent should begin the work of her child's salvation.

From what we have now seen of the nursery, we may infer its very common abuse by Christian parents in various ways. They abuse it either by forsaking its duties, or giving it over to nurses. The whole subject warns parents against giving over their children to dissolute nurses.

What a blushing shame and disgrace to the very name of Christian mother, it is for her to throw the whole care and responsibility of the nursery upon hired and irreligious servants. And why is this so often done? To relieve the mother from the trouble of her children, and afford her time and opportunity to mingle unfettered in the giddy world of fashionable dissipation. In circles of opulent society it would now be considered a drudgery and a disgrace for mothers to attend upon the duties of this responsible department of home. 

But the nurse cannot be a substitute for mother."

--Rev. Samuel Phillips, The Christian Home

He goes on to say that both  parents are both responsible for a child's upbringing and how we must not neglect these duties, especially in the Christian home. I pause and ponder the many ways children are neglected today and it just breaks my heart. While it might not be with nurses, there are other ways parents shirk their responsibilities.

With the surge of technology, I think it is even easier for parents to be distanced. We must be vigilant to protect the four walls of precious home and not grow comfortable living like everyone else. Heaven is our home. Not this world. We are strangers here and we must keep our children's eyes on the eternal!

Prayer: Dear Lord, help us to do our best to raise our children in a godly manner, sacrificing to bring them spiritual food, which is your Word, and not starving them in place of our comfort and pleasure. Thank you for more time to do this and to get it right. Please give us wisdom throughout the day as we live your Word out, too. In Christ's name we pray. Amen.

What other ways do you think we might "hand over" our responsibilities to others?

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Unknown said...

Wow - what a quote! Convicting certainly. It is so sad that not only do we often hand over the children we have, we also reject them before we even get them - often for the very same reason: "to mingle unfettered in the giddy world"!

You might be interested in my most recent post is on this topic:

Mrs. H said...
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Mrs. H said...

Very well said!...This reminds me of JR Miller's writing, thanks for posting. It is necessary to have constant reminders of this with the continual bombardment of our culture's fallen condition. God Bless..

Kim said...

I really liked your prayer and will use it as my own. Thank you!

deb durand said...

It is the highest calling should a woman be granted a husband and family. It's the very purpose by which we were created in the eyes of God as revealed in Genesis, in the garden. It is the most challenging yet most rewarding life I have as a wife for twenty eight years to my dear husband and together we have three grown children who are married and the Lord has granted us five grandchildren this far. There are so many temptations daily that lie and tell you something else would be better than staying the course and raising your inheritance, your children in the admonition of the Lord. The truth is speaking into the heart of your children and their unregenerate hearts can be wearisome. Though God has granted those he entrusted to us everything we need through Christ, to do it. No one has the burden of salvation for our children than the mother who birthed them along with the father and grandparents. It goes back to Deuteronomy 6 Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind, strength... Teach them to your children. When YOU walk, rise, sit etc. live out your love for God and they will naturally embrace it. Even if they turn from it, true love is powerful love from God, his love and it builds trust and faith unlike anything else. As a mother you have been positioned intimately with your children's hearts. How you encourage and exhort them will someday return to you. May we rise up as women of faith to embrace the blessing of leading their little hearts to the one and only true God who can save their souls, our Savior Christ Jesus~

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...


Thanks for stopping by, I'll check out your link when I get a chance!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Yes, I thought the author reminded me of him as well, but Mr. Phillips definitely speaks strongly on certain issues!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Your welcome, Kim!


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