Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Best of Visionary Womanhood

My friend, Natalie, has recently released a new book named The Best of Visionary Womanhood. It contains the "meatiest" posts on her blog, Visionary Womanhood, and consist of titles such as:

Be Fruitful and Multiply---Why?
How to Produce Godly Children
Raising Our Children for War
How NOT to Homeschool
Spiritual Disciplines for Busy Women
The History of Feminism
Blessing Our Husbands by Cultivating Contentment
Virtuous Wife: She's a Busy Lady

Written by an encouraging host of contributors such as Bambi Moore, Jennifer Ross, Kelly Crawford, Ana Dunagan, Marci Ferrel, and more. 

Here is a trailer to the book:

 (Note: don't forget to turn off the music player in the lower sidebar)

What people are saying:

 "Amazing words of wisdom & "right on" encouragement for Moms! I appreciated the references within the stories to other resources to use with our children. Loved every page!" 

"Thank you for helping me see how my worldview was dictated by culture in these areas and not by God’s Word!" 

An excerpt:

"Our Christian children are soldiers in a real, live, dangerous war. We will not be able to shield them for long from the hardships, dangers and fighting. They are called to go to war by the Captain of hosts Himself, and they will each face battles that we cannot fight for them."

 These articles are a great way to introduce a newer Christian or younger woman to a biblical worldview perspective on a wide range of relevant issues. With the PDF version you also get a FREE copy of Visionary Womanhood Gatherings and the first chapter of The Heart of Simplicity FREE!

You can get Visionary Womanhood HERE.  (the PDF is on sale for $2.99 right now if you use the code LOVE at checkout.)

Or you can get the Kindle edition or paperback version on Amazon by clicking HERE.

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growingforchrist said...

I just purchased my copy - thank you for the discount code and I can't wait to put it on my Kindle.

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