Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Church Planting Wife Book--Just Released!

Are you a church planting wife?

Are you looking for encouragement and wise advice from seasoned women who have been there?

The Church Planting Wife by Christine Hoover who blogs over at Grace Covers Me,  has just recently been released and I have found this first-of-it's-kind book to be rather encouraging, full of scripture, and refreshingly honest and real.

I enjoyed this book because it gives us a candid look into the lives of many pastors wives as they share the multiple aspects and realities regarding the "behind the scenes" of church planting--the sacrifice, the servanthood, and... imperfection.

 Lauren Chandler (Matt Chandlers wife), Jenn Carter, Lora Batterson,Shauna Pilgreen, Yvette Mason, Brandi Wilson, Ginger Vassar, Jen Hatmaker, Lori McDonald, Jenn Atwell, and Amanda Jones are a few of the church planting wives that were interviewed along with Christine's personal experience from day one. While I don't know their full church backgrounds, their invaluable perspectives brought very helpful insight to the book.

As a church planter's wife myself, I have found the journey to be quite exhilarating and humbling as we fully trust in the Lord for all aspects of our church plant. I knew the Lord had put it in our hearts a long time ago so to plant a church and now that we are actually be able to be a part of it all it is SO exciting!  What a blessing it is to see His powerful hand moving in peoples lives! I can relate with several women in the book.

And finally, The Church Planting Wife is NOT afraid to share struggle or failures. If you are looking for real, this is it. The honesty of the book is a priceless element  in such that I am sure that many women in leadership all across the world can see themselves in some aspects throughout the encouraging chapters and also benefit by several helpful tips along the way.

If you'd like to purchase this book, you may do so HERE.

Are you encouraged here?

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