Sunday, January 6, 2013

Destructive Feminist Influence

I have been doing some reading on the roots of feminism and felt led to share some of the quotes from radical feminist leaders of the past. Christian women would be wise to read up and know their history on feminism and its roots. Here are some of the quotes:

"Housewives are mindless and thing-hungry…not people. Housework is peculiarly suited to the capacities of feeble-minded girls. It arrests their development at an infantile level, short of personal identity with an inevitably weak core of self…. [Housewives] are in as much danger as the millions who walked to their own death in the concentration camps."
-The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan.

"[Housewives] are dependent creatures who are still children…"
-Gloria Steinem, Time Magazine, 1970

"Being a housewife is an illegitimate profession… The choice to serve and be protected and plan towards being a family-maker is a choice that shouldn’t be. The heart of radical feminism is to change that."
-Vivian Gornick, University of Illinois, “The Daily Illini,” April 25, 1981

"Women owe Friedan an incalculable debt for The Feminine Mystique…. Domesticity was not a satisfactory story of an intelligent woman’s life."
-Elizabeth Fox-Genovese in Feminism Is Not the Story of My Life

We can’t destroy the inequities between men and women until we destroy marriage.
-Robin Morgan, Sisterhood Is Powerful

"I never set out to write a book to change women's lives, to change history. It's like, 'Who, me?' Yes, me. I did it. And I'm not that different from other women. ... Maybe my power and glory was that I could speak my truth as a woman and it was the truth of every woman."
-Betty Friedan about The Feminine Mystique

"The problem that has no name - which is simply the fact that American women are kept from growing to their full human capacities - is taking a far greater toll on the physical and mental health of our country than any known disease."
         -Betty Friedan

It is sad to see such women have so much destructive influence. They had reached outside the walls of their influence to have a hand in tearing down other's homes. We need more women to stand up for good-- the truth of Scripture, boldly and unashamed.

To encourage women to build up their homes, love their husbands, love their children, and live for the Lord, being kind and busy at home. To encourage young women to stay on the path that leads to righteousness and His glory and not their own. (Titus 2)

And remember, if God has called something good, let us not be swayed by our emotions or allow anyone to make us think otherwise. 

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Gua said...

It's true. the feminist movement was/is occult driven. The very core of it is to destroy homes, families and marriages.

Glory2YHWH said...

Feminists say that the want equality for women and men... what they really want is for women to be men. It's sad that they hate being a woman so much that they want to change the wonderful blessed role that the Lord has given us!

Amy said...

I am very sad for Feminists. They must have such a lonely life.

God Bless and have a wonderful day.

Anonymous said...

The feminist movement came at a time when women were truly thought of as sub-par and objects rather than people. Please consider the context of a quote and the time period from which it came before making a generalization. I think the feminist movement has done irreparable damage but with that damage came much freedom and equality.

Anonymous said...
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Farmer's Wyfe said...

Being a home-maker takes skills and talents wrapped in love, dressed in dirt, bathed in smiles, smeared with tears, scratched by frustrations, hammered by muti-tasking skills, stitched with selflessness, hemmed by little finger prints, stained with sweat, listened to by ears that hear even when there aren't words, wrapped in the warmth of random hugs and wet little kisses, breathed with words and stories from books worth remembering, cloaked in prayer, graced to beautify the unbeautiful, and ranked as the highest position a wife/mother can hold in the eyes of a God who knows it all, sees it all, owns it all, and created it to be just so. Don't let any person tell you differently.
Thanks for this great and timely reminder. :)

Jeannine McD said...

What a lovely blog. Thank you for this. I just wanted to point out that the quote from Elizabeth Fox-Genovese seems to imply she continued to promote the feminist, anti-feminine, anti-family, anti-Christian mindset until her death in 2007. This would be a very sad misrepresentation. In her early years, she was a feminist but, in part, due to a growing recognition of the horrors of abortion, and through her new-found faith, she became an adamant and well-known protectoress of marriage and family life. Hers is a story of hope that all of us, no matter how messy our lives were, can still be saved and can be fruitful for His Greater Glory. Although it might be obvious from the title of the book from which you quoted, "Feminism Is Not the Story of My Life," I thought it important to point out the quote itself could be misleading. Kind Thanks for reading and for your lovely blog! I will leave with this quote from her conversion story: "A decisive moment in my journey in faith came when, one day, seemingly out of nowhere, the thought pierced me that Jesus had died for my sins. And, immediately on its heels, came the devastating recognition that I am not worth his sacrifice. Only gradually have I come truly to understand that the determination of worth belongs not to me but to him. God's love for us forever exceeds our control and challenges our understanding. Like faith, it is His gift, and our task is to do our best to receive it."

Patricia said...

These feminists seem like very selfish and bitter people, the opposite of what Christ calls us to be.

Kapelke family said...

These quotes might have been true statements when girls were uneducated and not encouraged to pursue their gifts. However, some of the smartest and most influential people i know are homemakers. Building a home and truly growing a family takes a great deal of work and skill. I feel strongly that if we had more moms investing in their children instead of selfishly investing in their careers, we would change the society that everyone is calling broken. It takes courage and skill to stay at home when "everything" around us is telling you to work outside the home.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

We all are that without Christ (a sometimes still even with Him!)--this post is to battle against the cultural lies and not against the people. We want to love them and pray for them because without Christ we would be doing and thinking the very same thing and it's only by His grace that we have changed.

Many blessings...

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Thank you for sharing--I was hoping that one of these ladies had a redemptive story! Praise the Lord!!!

Rachelle Hagenbuch said...
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Shauna said...

Quotes about the lack of female choices really get my goat. I feel like feminists have robbed so many women of the choice to, stay home and care for their families. It now seems to be expected that women provied a second income in this increasingly material drivin culture.

Mama Ayla said...

I woke up to the horrors of feminism about three years ago. Up until then I considered myself a HUGE feminist and took graduate classes in women's studies/feminism. I thought the quotes above were only a few extremists but after going to grad school in San Francisco I had a HUGE wake up call. It's not just the extremists who believe statements like the above but those statements reflect the over all goal of feminism. I was appalled at how silly I had been. I turned in my "feminist badge" and quit!

Cecilia Bakkila said...

Good word Kapelke Family.

Anonymous said...

That quote to destroy marriages... made me feel almost sick. She declares "the truth" about every woman? Feminism won't destroy my happy home... and also being feeble minded?? Has she tried keeping a clean house, raising and homeschooling many children of different ages AND having a marriage that others would kill for? On top of it all, doing it for the glory, not of herself as she so desperately wants to glorify herself, but for God's glory?? She sounds like she failed at these things or doesn't think enough of herself to be capable to of doing so, and tries then to undermine the women who are. But she couldn't undermine us, because it is so obvious that we work hard, are not dumb and very happy. So she then attacks the institute of marriage, homemaking and motherhood itself. Actually after writing all this I feel sorry for her. She must think very little of herself indeed, jealous of those who have it and a slave to her selfishness and sins and bitterness; that she has to tear down such good things God gave us. Marriage grows our character (decreases selfishness, dependence etc.) as does motherhood and even housework! God created work for Adam BEFORE the Fall... work isn't an effect of sin coming into the world, it is a blessing. Yes, after the Fall it's more difficult, but God's gives us wonderful joy in all the things she seeks to put down and we're GLAD and JOYFUL and CHEERFUL that we get to be the mothers, housemakers and homeschoolers... her book may have had it's initial success with the masses, but more and more Christian women are reclaiming their God given heritage of marriage, the home and children and teaching those precious children. I love this blog, one of my favorites. Thank you for all the encouragement and inspiration.

Matt. 5:44 But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;

Anonymous said...

This may well be a legitimate representation of an extreme back in the day, and I'm hesitant to call these examples feminism, seeing that they put down other women. The modern goal is just really looking out to make sure every wonderful person is treated evenly so they can pursue what they want, including being a stay at home parent or being feminine.

Laurie said...

Thanks for a wonderful post. So much of the modern world has simply lost respect for the woman that God calls us to be. We cannot and should not attempt to "change" the Bible. Proverbs 31 shows us clearly that God has created us to be the helpmeets of our husbands and the supporters of our families. And it is the strength that He has given us that makes us wonderfully successful in these roles when we do it God's way. (See Vision Forum's The Wise Woman's Guide to Blessing Your Husband's Vision).

The Holy Word of God tells us all that we need to know in order to truly "have it all".

May God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

I am a man who came across this blog through a link, and I want you to know that if there were more women like you, the world would be a better and happier place to live in. I see many of my friends who are female and stay-at home moms, and they say everyday that it is the most rewarding thing in their lives. When I see that, I wonder how miserable someone has to be to believe the words of Betty Friedan. The Feminine Mystique is a diatribe of an angry, bitter person who has never allowed love to enter her heart.

Paige Staples said...

I thank The Lord for this blog, I am so thankful that there are wonderful, Christ-loving women, wives and mothers that feel that feminism is evil, it kills children, it destroys lives, and is sent expressly and directly from the evil one. The Word tells us how to live: to love our children and our husbands, to be chaste, obedient to our own husbands, to be keepers at home! This command from Our Lord is exactly what feminists hate! Mrs. Fuentes, you are a blessed woman of God, and may The Lord always bless and keep you!

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is so very true! The second-wave feminists hated the family unit and have, unfortunately, done quite a lot to undermine it in our country. One of the greatest roles in society, a successful and organized wife and mother, has been reduced to someone who is pitied and scoffed at. If only more women had stayed in the home, we would have so many generations that still grew up with home cooked meals, healthy ideas of what love and commitment are, and domestic skills to pass on to their own children. Alas...we are now living in a Brave New World.

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