Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Fun Treats--Acorn Love

There is something about fall that make me just fall in love with acorns. They beckon me, they romance me, and cause me swoon over them in stores when I find cute decor that feature them. Just the other day I was at Hobby Lobby and found some beautiful acorns adorned with sequins, glitter and fabric that were made to be bells. I was in love! I also have been inspired by all the great ideas I have been finding lately on how to make acorn treats that I would like to eventually try, so I thought I would share some of them with you:

These acorn donuts from Family Fun are so cute and SOOO simple, just two steps! I also love how they used napkins to cut out some festive fall leaves.

This simple idea is cute too and a good idea for the children or making some for friends...

If you like brownies, you could make an acorn from that using cookies to pair them up from this gal.

Acorn pans are so cute--you can make half an acorn and frost the sides together to make a full one. Some of these pans can be expensive and the lowest I have seen them is over at Amazon. 

The great thing about all of these ideas is that they are super easy and low stress. As a mom with a large family of 10 that can be a great blessing!

Oh and lest I forget...Dayspring is having a sale off of some of their cute fall tableware that have Bible verses on them:

 Let there be thankfulness to God.  -Ephesians 5:4 

  These items are on clearance (as low as $4.99) and many are half off!
You can find them here. 

There is also free shipping on orders over $50.

Hope these inspire you to try some new fall fare, decorate, and create some fun memories at your home for the autumn season!

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1 comment:

Joyfulmomof6 said...

What a fun and cheery post!

We plan to make those acorn doughnuts for our church fellowship meal next week.

Thanks for the inspiration!

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