Monday, September 24, 2012

Let the Fall Fun Begin!

Since this is the first week of fall, I am going to share some fall-themed posts this week. The picture above is one taken by my daughter of a recent picnic we went one and collected some lovely acorns for decorating our home. Me and my son, Christian picked the two above--we also like use them as math manipulatives for the younger children. They are great for playing games, tucking into glass and nesting fall candles in too.

We were even able to make the first the first homemade apple pie from apple picking. This one was made by my daughters, Naomi (14) and Joy (9) using a super easy recipe that their Nana taught us. See the heart? It was delicious! All you need is:


and pie crust (you can either buy it or make your own)

We like to add a few layers of apples then add some sprinklings of cinnamon and sugar and dot with butter at the top before adding the crust. We put it in a 350 degree over for about an hour and voila- homemade goodness!

We also made some apple crafts out of paper tissue for school using paper plates, yard and construction paper. We decorated the dining room with them.

Last week we spent the week decorating our home for all and hosting a Harvest party which we had yesterday for our church and neighborhood. We decked out the house with scarecrows, haybales, pumpkins, cornstalks, gourds, candles and much more. It was fun and the kids all helped out to make the work light. I will do a post on this tomorrow!

Have you decorated for fall yet?

What would you like to do/experience this fall?

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Alix said...

I don't normally decorate for fall, but I have a little bit this year. I want to find some acorns and make something pretty with them.

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Alix,

Yes, I think we are going to make a craft out of them too--perhaps some small fall wreaths. Thanks for visiting!

Many blessings...

Laura Lane said...

We're in the process of decorating. We've got most of the old things out. Now we want to make something new!!

Alicia @ said...

Love it all!

I decorated for fall last week! I love the fall feeling. I have pie envy ;-) mmmmmm! Would love to bake a pie just need this CA heat to cool down!

Happy fall!

Anonymous said...

With regards to whether or not we've started to decorate for fall, I would have to say no. I have some beautiful garland with metallic leaves of different kinds I bought at Hobby Lobby, but here's the problem, and I would love it if any or all of you lades could give me some ideas. We have three cats who are veeerrrrry curious. Any decorations we put up would probably get ripped apart. We're even putting a pine tree out in the front yard to decorate it as our Christmas tree this year because we can't have it indoors. Any suggestions as to how we can still decorate, but keep the decorations away from our three furrballs?

God Bless,


Kristy in Oregon said...

Hi Peggy!
I use fall garland draped over my window valances, I wonder if you could do something like that?
Blessings, Kristy

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