Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Serving Leftovers to Our Families


Our culture wants things fast, quick, and right now. We see no signs of slowing down, no slower pace in sight and that is exactly why we moms need to evaluate our lives and our homes carefully.

As mothers we cultivate the atmosphere of homelife, we help to paint the memories of childhood, and imprint the Word of God on our children's hearts, but we cannot do that well if we are merely giving them our leftovers.

Are there things in your life that needs to be reorganized or reprioritized in order to invest your best energies into your true gifts--your loved ones?

I am sure the Lord has already been gently nudging on your heart on what needs to be changed. Can you slow down enough to listen and think through what He wants you to do? Don't be the woman who regretfully sacrificed those precious years of her children, squandering them away, having lost those precious moments forever.

The harsh reality is that life is not perfect and we can truly get busy, so it is always wise to do a frequent checkup to see how we are doing and not fall into the trappings of neglecting the important.

5 Things You Can Do Right Now:

1. Pray for Wisdom--ask the Lord to show you what needs to be done. Pray for you to look honestly at your home and schedule and ask Him to give you the boldness to make change.

2. Recognize weak areas and pare down--if your schedule is jam packed with things that are stealing away the best things (God, husband, children, home) target what they are and see if they are truly necessary. What you thought was good a few months ago, might be a huge source of stress for you and your family today. Also,  don't just get rid of old activities only to replace them with more time-wasting pursuits. I had heard of a mom who cut down her computer time and then spent all her time on her iPhone. This is not really eliminating, just replacing.

3. Eliminate Excess--Get rid of material items that are just not important. Ask yourself the hard questions about what you own and simplify. Our materialism threaten to steal away our time due to all the maintenance it takes to keep them. Do we need all the extra excess? Sometimes we need to be ruthless in throwing away our extra stuff, but it is well worth the extra time we gain with our families.

4. Be Intentional--don't go about it haphazardly, if you eliminate something fill it with something good such as time together making memories, discipling, teaching, shepherding and whatever else the Lord puts on your heart. Some of you have been so busy, it might just be good for you to rest for a time. Yes, rest is good for a family to recuuperate and refresh yourselves as you  face a better, brighter future together.

5. Make the Most of Every Minute--Value the time you have and see to truly cultivate strong relationships. Do what you can together loving one another and investing time together
Remember, dear friends,  tomorrow is not promised! Cherish your precious gifts, be in the moment with them, and not somewhere far away mentally. Always keep in mind that tomorrow is not promised---today is your gift.

I hope this list will help you to redeem the time!

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Serving A Generation for Jesus said...

Thank you for that. I've been reading the book Real Simplicity and it says much of the same things that you just did. :-)

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Serving a Generation for Jesus,

Thanks for the tip--I will have to check that book out. I just looked it up at Amazon and the description sounds like it might end up on my summer reading list! :)

Many blessings...

Kristine McGuire said...

This is a beautiful post and reminder. :)

Cassie Jean said...

Thank you, for saying what we all need to hear.

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