Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Blessings of Being at Home

Did you ever think about the blessings of being at home?

I was thinking about this last week--about how hard my husband works so I can do all the things that are so easy to take for granted on a daily basis. When our husbands are at work they are making the selfless sacrifice of being away from our children so that we can stay home and nurture and watch over them.

I get to love on my children all day, hug and kiss them, hear all their stories and cute things they say, fix their ouchies, feed them, watch them grow, witness their first steps, hear their first words, help keep them on right paths, and be available for many other milestones. He misses these important moments because he is away and has purposefully made that sacrifice as a loving father. For that I am grateful! I do not want to take these precious moments for granted. Wives, if you have been blessed to be able to stay at home and watch your children grow, remember to have a grateful heart. It is so easy to feel over burdened and ungrateful sometimes but we have truly been given a precious gift.

We need to appreciate our husbands more. I like what I read this morning here: 

 "We need women who set their hearts on making their homes pleasant, sunny, and fragrant for the husband. He who works from dawn till dusk for the little home and wife and babes, look forward to the warm welcome that awaits him when the long day is over; of the bright smile and the love words that will be sure to greet him when he crosses the threshold of his own words that will be sure to greet him when crosses the threshold of his own little Eden; of the cheerful fire in winter and the humble meals made so delicious by the love that prepares it and the sweet words that season it.

This rest, security, and peace will encourage the overflowing heart of the husband and father and brother to think and to say that there is no spot on earth so dear and so blessed as the little sanctuary built up and adorned and made full of song by a true woman's heart.

O' woman, if you only knew how much you have it in your ability with Christ's unfailing assistance, to make true men of your chosen husband and sons, as well as true women of the little girls who will someday fill your apron..."

Wives, don't forget to hug your husbands today and thank him for the special gift he has given you! Bless him by creating a home that is welcoming to come home to and make your sphere of home a place that refreshes his heart and readies him for tomorrow's battles that lie ahead.

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Lori Alexander said...

Oh, how I wish I would have heard this when I was a young mother with a husband who worked so hard so I could stay home with the children...Instead, I was always upset and angry with him. Thankfully, I have learned what it means to love him in my older age. It is never too late!

Kimberly Munson said...

I love this post and it brought tears to my eyes. I, too, have become angry and frustrated at times, especially when he needs to work late, but I must remember and APPRECIATE his selfless sacrifice.

Mrs. B said...

You are so right!! I am so thankful for a hardworking husband...and I am soooo thankful to be able to stay at home as a homemaker and full time momma!!!

Julia said...

I actually thought about it this morning! I was out mowing the lawn because my husband has taken on two contract jobs in addition to his day job, and he hasn't had time to care for the yard. For a moment I almost grumbled about the mowing, and felt instantly convicted. I am so blessed to be able to stay home and care for my family. He's sacrificed a great deal for us to accomplish this, and (while I stumble sometimes) I am happy to be my husband's helper. Thanks for the reminder.

Jessica said...

This was very convicting for me!! My husband has had a busy work week, and I was starting to feel a little sorry for myself, but this was such a great reminder! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I have to say that because my husband originally did not want me to be at home (he couldn't understand how we would make it financially) I learned this lesson early on to be thankful and appreciative and not complain because I felt at any time my blessing of being at home could have been taken away.

Happily, the Lord changed his heart on this matter many years ago and he came to appreciate that I am at home so he can pursue his career in a way he never could if I was out working.

A Little Bird said...

Dear June,

I would like to thank you for this post. Thank you for recognizing that there are moms out there that longed to stay home and be with their children and didn't have the luxury. By request of a spouse or being a single parent they were required to work outside of the home where their heart longed to be.

It saddens me when I read blogs that are so demanding and demeaning if a woman works out of the home. Your gentle spirit shines through your posts and I always enjoy reading them.

In Christ,
Robin S.

Anonymous said...

What a great post. I am so thankful I can stay home with my kids but it is so easy to forget that when you are in the midst of the fifth diaper in five minutes. :) Thank you for the reminder and my hubby will be getting a big hug and thank you when he comes home for lunch.

Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

I do share your story, and know exactly what you mean. I am at that time in my life, where my husband can't provide me the opportunity anymore, to be at home. So I as well work mostly half-time and some days, a little more, but now, I am grateful for every second of being at home!

I treasure it so,I also loved it wholeheartedly before, but now I have to find a way, to be content what has been given to me instead.

I don't know how it is in the US, but in Sweden, the possibilities for a wife to stay at home, are few. Not to mention the feminist's spreading in and outside the churches, which have completely permeated and poisoned the culture and mocks godly womanhood in every way they can.

And thou my beloved husband comes from a very strong feminist culture, (I come from f. r. of yugoslavia) God has worked so much with his precious heart, and have made him see womanhood in a new light, and for that I am most grateful.

Anonymous, feel more than free to write to me in this matter. I really would appreciate it!


Anonymous said...

I think the Lord everyday that my husband has built a career that is made it possible for me to stay home. I am so blessed to be able to be with my children and they need me. And when he comes home from work I always make sure to at least offer myself to him in in gratitude of what he does for this family and the sacrifices he makes so that I can stay home. Thank you for the terrific reminder, and I will continue to read your articles regularly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you

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