Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Frumps to Pumps eBook by Sarah Mae

My sweet friend, Sarah Mae, who is author of the best seller 31 Days to Clean and also co-host to Alumme Social  just released her new eBook today entitled Frumps to Pumps:

 Here is her description:

"If you’re tired of being frumptastic, than we’ve got something in common. I’ve spent way too many days in comfy pants and pony tails, and I’m ready to kick those items to the curb. I want to feel good about myself, be more productive, more hospitable, and look nice for my man and my children. Are you with me so far? If you are, than Frumps to Pumps is for you. Frumps to Pumps is a one-month motivotional (motivation + devotional) that uncovers some of the reasons why we stay frumpy, and than encourages us through scripture and fun challenges to get out of the frumps and into some pumps (pumps is subjective. I like cute flats myself). Ready to get started? Let’s do this."

 Watch the video:

 (Note: please turn off the music below and if you can't view this video, please click here.)

Here is an excerpt:

"As a woman, my heart is to rest in God alone. My identity is not and should not be found or nourished in how I look or what I wear. God sees my heart, and it is precious to Him when I am at peace in knowing that I am His forever daughter; my soul is secure with Him for eternity."

This book is fun, light-hearted and and motivating with challenge questions at the end of every chapter--if you struggle with getting up and getting dressed this is a book I would recommend. Not only does she challenge us to care for ourselves externally, but she also addresses the spiritual heart internally.

She is also offering this book FREE is you subscribe to her new blog and also $500 Target giveaway. But if you do not want to subscribe you can still get this book for just $4.99 on PDF or for your Kindle .



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