Monday, November 28, 2011

Simplifying Christmas Gifts and Ideas

Many of you want to simplify Christmas this year and  that means making something homemade, homespun and from the heart. Some of you are just so crafty that you would not dream of a Christmas that did not have something that you created with your own hands. Today I am going to share some simple gift giving that we can do from our homes that have a special personal touch to them.

Homemade vanilla, cocoa, cookies...

and don't forget the fudge in ornament tins...

Love this Ice cream Sundae kit below! So easy, even I can do it!

Family Movie Night in a bag or you could even do a basket with popcorn and goodies.

For a little girl you could sew up a tea party with homemade napkins, placemats, tablecloth, etc.

Or if you have a bookcase, why not just make a dollhouse?

I also like this teacup idea---seems very simple and elegant.

You can find all these great ideas and their tutorial backlinks over at my
Homemade Christmas Pinterest board!

Also, for those of you who are NOT crafty or too busy and need some *real* ideas, here are some helpful links:

JM Cremps (excellent Christian store for boys)

Hope these ideas help!


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  1. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful ideas!

  2. I have done the book case doll house before when I had no money for gifts. I used contact paper for wallpaper. I have been looking at the teacup candles over the past few days because I saw the idea in a library book. I would probably raid Goodwill for cups because I have collected teacups since I was a little girl and I couldn't bear to use them that way. :-)


  3. Raising Mighty Arrows,

    Your welcome!

    Many blessings...

  4. Donalacasa,

    That's wonderful! Really the sky is the limit when you think of how creative you can get with this idea. I definitely wanted to include these more frugal ideas for those with a tight budget or like the personal touch to toys.

    Many blessings...

  5. My daughter is making letter books for her grandparents. We're just taking composition notebooks and she has designed a cover for them. She is going to write a letter to each grandparent in the book, then give them the book to write back. It's a simply gift even young girls can make, but the memories that are made after it is given should be awesome!

  6. So many wonderful ideas. Isn't it just natural that the children of the Creator would enjoy being creative? I think most people if they understood the love behind a handmade gift would prefer that to a mass produced item. I know my mom loved it when we gave her the childrens tiny handprints in a frame, a handmade gift is a gift that touches the heart strings. God Bless

  7. You are so precious and a blessing to me! THanks for your ideas and your encouragement. I'm feeling particularly sad today having a huge disappointment in our adoption process. But your blog always helps me!

  8. I love those ideas! I may make up a movie night in a bag for my kids....

    Tomorrow my oldest will be making up peppermint chocolate hard lotion. My other kids will be helping me put together cookie mixes in a jar. They have candy canes and chocolate candies in them. On Friday I'm making peppermint soap with a friend. Notice a theme? We're putting together peppermint/chocolate gift baskets for family, friends and neighbors! We even found little candy canes with the legend of the candy cane on the packaging. A great opportunity to share Christ!

  9. Love all these 'homemade' gift inspirations!

  10. Love this post. I think my daughters will be getting a tea set with placemats, etc...

  11. These are great ideas I really liked the bookshelf doll house.

  12. I have some ideas shared here:


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