Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apple Orchard Fun

Last weekend we enjoyed a trip to our local apple orchard! We had lots of fun going through the corn maze, feeding barn animals, picking apples, watching a huge orange pumpkin eating dinosaur light up and move, shopping their huge gift store, and truly one of the best highlights was riding the "moo choo" train. Here are all of my children in it and yes...

*I* am even in the train! 

You can't see me well though, I am second to last!


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  1. June,
    We go to that SAME orchard every year!!! I LOVE their apple donuts and warm cider!!
    Tricia in Chicago

  2. No way, is this Countyline apple orchard? Do we live in the same area???

  3. Hi ladies,

    Yes, this is! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their apple cinnamon donuts--delish! We picked up 2 dozen to take home with us and their cider is so amazing! We knew the old owner, he was a Christian.

    Sanieannie, you must be close by--are you in Porter Co.?

    Many blessings...

  4. Lake County! What a small world. We live about 8-10 minutes away from the apple orchard. We live close to 94 and 65. :0) Are you involved in the HGH co-op at liberty by any chance? I've seen you post comments about loving your co-ops. We attend the HGH co-op that started up for NWI in Merrillville.

  5. Sanieannie,

    Email me at and I will respond through there!

    Many blessings...


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