Wednesday, September 14, 2011

True Christian Motherhood Study, Amazon, and More

Dear Ladies,

I am amazed at what the Lord has done--I have stood back and watched Him do mighty things. From day one with my eBook, True Christian Motherhood, I have seen His hand open doors that only He could have opened, leaving me in tears at His power, providence and sovereignty.

I was even more stunned when I saw that we had made it to second place on Amazon's best selling list for our category.

I will step back and watch the Lord do amazing things with this ebook---it is all His and not mine. He absolutely gets all the glory for every single word and every single life touched by it. I could not serve a better or more awesome God (trying to hold back the tears).

So with that said, I want to also point you all in the direction of this incredible online community that has grown quickly to over 200 women around the world. We are gathering there and discussing our struggles, victories, and more on motherhood there. We will begin going through True Christian Motherhood officially on Monday, the 19th.  So if you would like to join us, grab a book and click here to join, there is much exciting discussion transpiring over there already.  My dear friend, Jasmine, at Far Above Rubies will be leading the group and I will be popping in and out to connect  with everyone. (Psssst...she just put up a review of my new ebook and is giving away two free copies! Sonya is too, at Becoming a Strong Woman of God.)

Now another thing that just floored me was that the giveaway drew over 1,200 entries!!!  That is the biggest giveaway I ever had on my blog, and I just wanted to give you all a ((((((big hug))))))) and thank you for your support. The giveaway ends today at midnight so get your extra entries in while you can! One winner will take it all home and I will announce who it is tomorrow!

Now if you haven't gotten your copy of the book yet , just click on the button below:

Add to Cart

or here for your Kindle and Nook.

 Have a blessed day!


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Far Above Rubies said...

Congratulations, friend. I'm so proud of what God has done in your life.



Trudie said...

Wow, God is truly awesome!! Blessings!

April's Homemaking said...

Congratulations! How wonderful that your book is doing so well! I truly enjoy all of your posts, and always look forward to what you teach. Thanks ~April

Cathytress said...

I downloaded a copy to my Kindle and can't wait to read it!

Raising Mighty Arrows said...

Congratulations! So VERY proud of you and what the Lord is doing. I'm so thankful to be able to be a part of this discussion group. :)

Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Thank you all, friends, for your kind words and support! May God be glorified and Cathy I hope you enjoy the book!

Many blessings...

Sonya Schroeder said...

God has BIG plans for this project and I am humbled to get the word out. I too want to be a True Christian Mom. Thanks June for all you do.. Love ya

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Dear June,
I downloaded my copy yesterday and read the first few chapters. There was just one word which popped into my mind as I read - this is not just helpful and encouraging this is 'powerful'. I pray that the words that the Lord has given you will give those that read hope and a renewed vision for the role of motherhood and all that God intended it to be. When God is moving the church tends to point to crusades and short lived 'movements' but fails to see what is happening in homes across the world as the hearts of mothers are revived and fathers' hearts are turned to their children - as Angus Buchan, a man who preaches to thousands, once said 'Revival begins at kitchen door.'
Thank you June - I believe your book will not just be read, printed off and set aside but with God's help be lived out and be part of that kitchen door revival.

Rebecca said...

You're at #3 this morning! What a privilege to see a wife & mom committed to Christ topping the charts on the largest bookseller in the world. Congratulations...Proverbs 22:9 :)

YHCA said...

I clicked on the link and it states that you're number one!!! YEAH!! I am so happy for you, and may it stay there for a looonnngg time.

Coram Deo,

RetroRocketGal said...


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