Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sights and Sounds of Fall

The first day of fall made it's entrance last week--there is so much goodness to be associated with a new season and much fun to celebrate. At our household we indulged in a bit of festivities and had a lovely first day of fall, with simmering beef stew, hot cocoa with multi-colored marshmallows and taffy apples for dessert. We have our pumpkin spice candles glowing and lights shimmering through pretty leaf garland. A refreshing time to mark the new season and create an atmosphere of coziness throughout the home.

To place pumpkins strategically in nooks and crannies--

And hand make some simple candle decorations to adorn the table.

I so love watching the leaves glide and  float down from the trees.
The rustling of them as you take a walk through the neighborhood giving you a great appreciation for God's creation. I also love seeing homemakers get creative with the natural resources around them to add that special touch of  homespun beauty to their homes.

We had never really celebrated fall much in my childhood home,
but I want every season to be full goodness for my children to look forward to with traditions and fun that they will pass on to my grandchildren.

However you celebrate, make sure to make those special warm memories of a fall atmosphere with your family!

(More fall inspiration to come!)


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Mrs.B said...

I need to start TODAY. I love Fall and decorating for it, but I've been so busy and had some sick babies.

Susie said...

I really enjoy your thoughts on decorating the home for seasons and for all occasions. Thank you!
You are an encouragement. ☺

Michelle said...

This past weekend I changed over the decorations from spring/summer to fall.

Libby said...

Fall is my favorite season and is always so welcome to us Southerners who have endured triple digit temps during the summer months. I don't decorate much but do love my coffee table arrangement and the front porch decorations. Thanks for sharing your Fall inspiration.

Catherine Anne said...

I LOVE this all~

Amy said...

Wonderful! I love fall decorations. I keep hoping the heat will die down here(it's close to 90 today), so that I can start getting in the fall mood.

Katherine said...

Those photos are so inspiring, I am going to decorate this weekend. Looking forward to reading your next fall inspirations. Thank you!

Sneakers Of Faith said...

Fall is my favorite season & I can't wait to really begin decorating! I love those little cinnamon stick candle holders!

I am walking down the aisle to Canon in D next Saturday! When I clicked onto your blog & the music began, I just leaned back, closed my eyes & imagined the scene that will take place next weekend! It was very relaxing ~ thank you! :)


Mrs. H. said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I was wondering what kind of camera you use? Thanks!

Angela said...

So beautiful, everything. Especially loved the apples with the sticks & the leaves.
Enjoy this autumn season. Love your blog.

Mrs. Q said...

Thank you for this encouragement to decorate. Your pictures are lovely and inspiring.

Mrs. Q

Anonymous said...

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Asim Jofa Collection said...

Autumn is my favorite season and is always welcome for us southerners have suffered three provisional figures for the summer months. Do not decorate much, but I like my coffee table arrangement and porch decorations. Thanks for sharing your fall inspiration.

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