Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Celebrations

Easter is quickly approaching and in the Fuentes home we are preparing to have friends and family over to celebrate. We like to decorate, cook and reflect on the true meaning of the day. One of the things we would do in the past was go to a live dramatization at church or watch The Passion of the Christ at home as a family:

Here is the trailer in case you haven't seen it, it is very powerful:

A video I recommend for the little ones would be The Beginner's Bible: The Story of Easter

During our family worship time we will go over the story again as well taking turns with the children reading the different parts. My husband likes to elaborate a bit more on the story and ask questions to make sure everyone understands.

We are also celebrating my son's birthday on that day and will have cake and ice cream and whatever else I can conjure up!

We also try to decorate the house with decorations that remind us of Him. When the children were little they used to make felt banners with three crosses that proclaimed "He Is Risen" or we would make little scripture cards and put them around the meal table with candles so people could read them when they were seated--sometimes we would print off coloring pages to hang. Here are also some cute home decor ideas from Dayspring that I like:

 Dayspring is a great place to get Christian decor and gifts--they are currently having a sale you won't want to miss---you can save 25% all on all items using coupon code SPRING25 at checkout and shipping free on orders over $25 if you used the code SHIPPING25. Not to mention the great clearance items they have and discounted Easter gifts for children, some starting just at $2.99!

The most important part is remembering what the day is really about--

have fun planning out your Easter celebration! 



Jenna said...

Easter is such a wonderful time of year, and I always look forward to it! We actually watched The Passion Of The Christ about two weeks ago (it was my second time seeing it), and it truly reminded me of all that Christ went through. Very powerful movie, indeed!
I also enjoy decorating our homestead... Mother and I put our Easter decor out last month! Yes, we started a bit early, but it has been nice seeing the little items each day!

Many Blessings,

Anonymous said...

Kim said...

Over the last few years, we have been recognizing Good Friday more. Last year, friends came over and we made special biscuits with the children to tell the story of the Resurrection and then we watched the portion of the Book of Matthew that told the story of the crucifixion, watching it through the resurrection and then all the way to the end of the chapter. That was really special for us. This year, on Good Friday, we are hosting a *Christian* Seder dinner with our church family. We are working on making it very meaningful. After our dinner, we are going to take communion. Then on Sunday, which we call "Resurrection Sunday", we'll eat a special breakfast, have church, and then we'll be hosting a big dinner in the afternoon.
We don't do baskets, as we feel the same way about those commercial items that we do about santa clause. To us, they are distractions to what we are really celebrating.
I personally love the celebration of the Resurrection more than any other holiday, as it is the foundation of our faith in Christ.

Shawna Marie said...

we watch the passion of the Christ every year in my family as well. just watched it last night. soo soo thankful for what He did for us!

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