Monday, March 14, 2011

The Domestic Artist: Loveliness with Paper and Yarn...

Spring is around the corner and our lovely contributor,  Miss Jen of Blessed Femina is sharing a wonderful craft idea that will brighten up your home for the new season:

Alluring rain drops have been falling continually where
we are and I am enjoying these last days
with beautiful music, rich Bible verses and
busy hands.....

I am happily taking up
my crochet hook again...
remembering its many sweet benefits and delights.

A fresh new ball of crisp, silky blue
yarn... put to good use...

Paper Bouquets abound...

Here is a Short Tutorial for the
~Lovely Delights~

~What You Will Need~
-Sharp Scissors
-Beautiful Colored Tissue Paper
-Green Stem Wire or Green Pipe Cleaner
-Green Flower Tape or Satin Ribbon

Cut a few pieces (about 4-6) of tissue paper (crepe paper)
about 8 x 10 inches (the exact size doesn't matter).

Put the paper in a pile and fold it like an accordion.
Cut the edges straight or to add a special touch
scallop the edges prettily. ;)

Tie the center of the folded paper with green stem wire,
green pipe cleaner (or twist tie).

Gently pull each piece of paper towards the top center of the flower,
separating each sheet of paper from the others (forming the petals of the flower).

Once you have made your desired amount of flowers (4-6)
simply clump into a bouquet and wrap with green flower tape
and a satin ribbon (if desired)

And... have just made a Lovely Paper Flower
Arrangement indeed!

Enjoy your....

These lovely paper flower
arrangements are ideal for...
Table centerpieces, festive parties,
wedding~rehearsal bouquets, ;)
and gorgeous atop special presents.

Hope all of you are having a Beautiful Week...
~Many Blessings~

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever
you do, do it all for the glory of God"
-I Corinthians 10:31

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Heather Mattern said...

What beauty, what fun! My girls will love doing this craft!

Lisa Maria said...

These flowers are so beautiful and they are affordable to make too. I made lots of these growing up in a family that made its own wedding decorations. I've kind of forgotten how over the years. Thanks for the inspiring reminder.

Mrs Fuentes, we're still praying. Hope you have heard some news and your heart is at peace.

God's blessings to you and your family

Denise said...

Yea! An easy craft for the littles to do for Easter and Mother's Day. Thanks again,

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Ladies,

Yes, they are beautiful for spring or just for anytime!

Denise, I love the idea for Easter or Mother's day---I think it would make a great centerpiece for a little girls tea as well!

I will post an update on my blog as soon as we receive any news--thanks so much to everyone for prayers and support. How broad and how needed is the whole body of Christ!

Many blessings...

Valerie said...

Those are so beautiful. Thanks for the great idea.


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