Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Defending Biblical Truths in the Face of Adversity and Titus 2 Link-Up

Defending biblical truths are mandatory for this day and age--there is a surreal amount of pressure to walk away from or make light of the scriptures. Titus 2 clearly states that older women are to teach the younger women to love their husbands, love their children, be self controlled and pure, to be busy at home, to be kind and be subjects of their husband so that no one will malign the word of God. The Bible warns that there will be those who will come and teach things that our 'itching' ears want to hear, but we must resist and stand firm on the foundation that will not be shaken.

My favorite mentors have always been the ones who were bold and  unafraid. They were usually the ones who were saying things that were not always 'politically correct', although they were biblically correct and did not try to blend in with what everyone else was doing. They were like trumpets sounding their truths from the rooftops. The voice of truth in the wild jungle of falsehood shining light in the empty darkness. They knew from wisdom what the word of God said and knew we needed to hear it in order for real change to occur in our lives. Sometimes sharing that truth brought a price--but like great heroes of the past, they plowed forth with all their might, their faith unwaivering.

This blog has always been a place that has defended biblical womanhood, taught on the glories of motherhood and encouraged the role of helpmeet and homemaker. I believe it was God using His word, mentors, and even blogs that had sound teaching that helped me to be a better Christian, wife and mother. We need to test all things (1 Thess 5:21) and make sure we are not like infants that are tossed to and fro (Eph 4:14). We will continue to do that zealously for the Lord, and by His grace we will not compromise His Word to fall into the fleeting pressure to conform to the world.

People might not understand why we do these things---sometimes these well-meaning people might be our very own brothers and sisters in Christ, who might also need to hear the truth themselves. Dear friends, while this can be discouraging, I encourage you not to lose heart and cling fast to what you know is true. The truth of God will prevail and will stand even after this world is gone and the scorner and mockers have passed.

Now if you believe in defending biblical truths (in mercy, humility, and in love) and are not afraid or ashamed to stand up for them, please link up below and share a post. You can post about anything regarding biblical womanhood, blessed motherhood, being a helpmeet or homemaker---this is a Titus 2 link up, where we would like to share, defend, encourage the biblical truths on roles regarding women and the Christian family. So please join in and share with thousands of women around the world who desperately need to hear the glories and beauty of Titus 2! I am looking forward to reading your posts!

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Joy said...

Dear Mrs. Fuentes,

I just wanted to let you know that you are such an encouragement to me and to so many other ladies! I discovered your blog a few months ago (I don't know where I had been to not have seen it before!!), and I really love all of your wise and encouraging posts.

May the Lord bless you abundantly as a wife, mother, homemaker, and Titus 2 woman!

Joy (Graceful Words)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your truthful thoughts!

Lauren said...

I just wanted you to know how encouraging these words for me were today. I had a conversation this week with my sister about several issues in her life that were not biblical even though she declares to follow Jesus. I just shared what God's precious Word says about her issues. Her response was not positive and I just felt really discouraged and a little hurt from her words. Your post was exactly what I needed to hear today and I am so grateful. Thank you very much!

In Christ alone,


Don and Shelly said...

We are just preparing for tonight's "Titus 2" meeting consisting of ladies from our church...!

Keeper At The Homestead said...

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have been under "attack" on a social network by some who don't agree with my status. It has nothing to do with Biblical womanhood, motherhood or any of that but this post really hit at home. It was def. the encouragment I needed from God! Thank you for being His tool!

Unknown said...

It's so true about being willing to be bold in our faith, even if it means loosing family members. I believe God wants us to be loving, gently, respectful,etc. But He also wants us to stand fast. I love my family, but they hate the fact that I love God - even though I don't openly talk about Him to my family as they don't want me to. Simply my lack of "swearing" for example, is enough to send them into a tizzy. Sigh...
Thank you for your encouraging post. It is truthful.

Unknown said...

The title alone says it all, doesn't it? We can defend the truth in love...but there are many people who will not accept us if we defend the truth, no matter how loving, gentle or patient we are. We have to be prepared to accept that reality. Not everyone will reject us, but many will. I encourage people to let the Light of Christ shine regardless of any possible outcome.

Kendal said...

Oh thank you for this post! Such encouragement!

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Dear Joy,

Thanks for visiting--I hope you feel welcomed here! Your blog looks like it is a wonderful encouragement as well!


It is can be a challenge when we are misunderstood but we need remember that we live to please our Lord and not those around us. While our heart is to win the lost, sometimes it is wiser to not say anything and just pray and then there are times that we must speak up in love. The Lord must be our guide and if we are unsure of what to do we can always seek wise counsel.

Also, a big thank you to all who shared their posts! How great to see all the great articles out their to encourage women in their biblical roles. Keep them coming! :)

Many blessings...

Lisa said...

Thanks so much for hosting this link up! Looking forward to reading all the different posts the ladies have linked to and being encouraged AND challenged. ~Lisa

Anonymous said...

i love reading your blog! it's so hard sometimes to be a christian woman true to the bible.
lately i have alot of friends, CHRISIAN friends who keep telling me that i can't use the bible to teach others, even other Christians because using God's word (especially concerning sin, right and wrong) is "unloving"
it's driving me crazy. i know that they are wrong because the bible says so.
i'm just a little shocked at the growing number of Christians that believe that God's word is offensive.
your blog is an encouragement to me.


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