Friday, December 24, 2010

Reflecting on What Matters At Christmas

Two days ago I found out my grandmother died.

I was so heartbroken and stunned---we had planned to take all her great grandchildren to meet her next year, but now she will not be there. But I know the Lord has a greater plan through all of this. To teach us, to draw us closer together, to make us wiser, to trust Him even more than yesterday.

He is sooooooo good.

I am asking for prayers for my father who might not be able to fly in from across the world to see her funeral, and for the rest of our family (and especially extended) to have Christ's comfort during this time. Please know that they are greatly appreciated and very much coveted.

When there is death in the family it really clarifies what matters in this world.

There is Christ and there is your family. Both invaluable--- 
please, remember to pour all that you have into serving and loving both.

That is what I am reflecting on today.

And if you have the time, I also wanted to share this post from Mrs. White that she put up today, it will give us some perspective on the holiday and remind us to pray for others:



Mrs. Stam said...

Praying for you all, going to visit Mrs. White post now!

Susie said...

I am sorry for your sadness. But God is good and He always has a plan for us. I am sure your Grandma would want everyone to have a sweet and happy Christmas time without her. God bless you!

Brenda said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. I will keep your family in prayer.

Christa said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother! My own grandmother died mid-December a few years back and I've lost a very good friend two days before Christmas, so I know how it hurts extra at this time of year.

I said a prayer for you and your family today.

Alisa said...

Dearest June Bug,

I grieve with you over the loss of your Grandmother. My grandmother is 90 years young and so very special to us, however I know the time is near. I am praying for your comfort and trust in the Savior. He knows just what you need and just how to work. I pray for safe travels for your family and for your dad. God bless you now and always friend!

Homequeen said...

In my prayers, Mrs Fuentes...
I lost my own dear grandmother over 20 years ago, at this time of year when I was expecting her first grandchild.
I still think of her every day
God bless.


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