Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Reformation Day Faire 2010

This past weekend my family was thrilled to visit Providence Church once again for their annual Reformation Day Faire. It is a glorious time to learn about the Reformation and hear great speakers teach about reformers who had come before us. This years compelling speakers included Kevin Swanson (pictured above), Marcus Serven and James MacDonald. They all did an excellent job at teaching and sharing the roots and why the Reformation needs to continue.

The two day event highlighted two music concerts by Charlie Zahm, Towne Square, Highland Games, Boffer Wars, Dinner, vendor halls and a Historic Ball.

Here are some pictures:

Here we are on the left--Steve and I, with our sweet friends, Susie and Tony Shock. Notice my dress? That, my friends, is the handiwork of my talented 12 year old daughter Naomi. She made it just in three days and then after that made herself one! I was honored to wear her first costume ever!

A close up!

We stayed with the wonderfully loving Bandy family--the father is a deacon of the church there. I must say--they are the kindest and most hospitable church that I know of and the food they served was simply AMAZING! I'm telling you, I would love to become a member Providence Church just for all the yummy homemade food that they whip up! :) But I honestly can't begin to tell you how I love this church and the people there--so kind, welcoming, hard working and a close knit community with excellent teaching. What else could one ask for?

My boys and their friends just could not wait to begin the boffer wars so they began practicing in the parking lot with their good friend, Zeke!

Here are the boys outside lined up for battle---the boffer wars are a great fun, it's my favorite part of all the events and I love witnessing the boys attacking one another.

Here is some video of the Historic Ball--you might recognize a few faces!

(be sure to turn off the music in the sidebar before viewing)

Everyone had a grand time as you can see!

And here is a clip of Charlie Zahm in concert:

(don't forget to turn off the music in the sidebar again!)

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my weekend at the Reformation Day Faire!



Mrs.Rabe said...


I always love to see the photos of Stacy's church Reformation Faire!

What fun you all had, and Charlie Zahm? Love his music!

Stam House said...

what a beautiful time if must have been! Our church is having a Reformation day party tomorrow, I'm so excited about it!!!

Anonymous said...

What enjoyment! And what talent your daughter has!! You must be so proud! There is actually a need for costume makers for local Drama clubs and highschools! I sewed some costumes for a local rendition of Hansel and Gretel once! I have heard some other sermons from Kevein Swansen (speling?) too and he always hit's it right on!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

This looks, wouldn't that just polish up our home school season! How much fun and what great speakers!

Homeschool on the Croft said...

The costumes look wonderful. I can *not* believe your 12 yr old daughter made that dress. Tell her I am in awe!
I have just posted about our own Reformation Day - not as grand as yours, but good fun, nevertheless
Love, Anne..from a very windy Isle of Lewis, Scotland

Anonymous said...

How lovely!!

Yesterday we celebrated 450 years since the Scottish Reformation, if you'd like to see the pics they are on my blog

Thanks for sharing x

Mary R. said...

That looks like fun!

Caroline said...

That looks like such a fun time for the family! :)

Kim said...

What a beautiful family! Looks like you had fun!

Ruth said...

wow what a beautiful dress! and made by your daughter.... so talented she is!

the Faire sounds like so much fun!! love the pictures..:)


Amanda said...

What a wonderful weekend it must have been!

I am amazed at the talent of your daughter! Truly, what a clever young girl to sew so well...

SarahLee said...

Thank you for sharing pictures from the Reformation Fair! It sounds like a blessing to attend. I've enjoyed your blog.


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