Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Disciples

I strongly believe that we as Christian parents are responsible for raising children to become disciples for Christ. This is a glorious work and calling for parents, one that must be taken seriously with the complete outpouring of our lives. This sacred work begins before they are out of the womb, praying scripture over them, praying for their futures, their walk with the Lord and continues on from infancy into adulthood.

We are to begin teaching them about the Lord when they are very young. Reading Bible stories to them, playing Christian music in the home, taking them to church, teaching their small hands how to pray. We must do this with fervor and zeal and with a spirit that will not grow weary. Teaching them to be Little Disciples.

Speaking of Little Disciples, I was blessed to come in contact with a Christian company called Little Disciples. They sell unique onesies with the cutest sayings on them:

I have this one that is pictured above, don't you love the saying? 
These sweet onesies are soft, comfortable and tagless so they don't irritate little ones skin and they have a "Little Disciple" logo on the back side.

It is so hard to find great Christian products, especially ones that can be a witness, spark conversation to share about our great Savior and comfort and cloth your sweet little blessing all at the same time!

I also love, love, love their blanket quilts! My twin son, Christian loves his little blanket quilt that he received from them and walks around everywhere carrying it! Here's what it looks like:

(Click above picture to enlarge)

Why are they so special? Because this quality quilt has not just ONE Bible verse embroidered on it but SIX different verses!!!! What a treasure to find a quilt like this---it is definitely a must have blanket that can be passed down from one generation to the next as an heirloom. The back side of the quilt is also embroidered with "Jesus Loves Me'.  All I could think of was how beautiful it was and how I could preserve it for my grandchildren. Grandparents and parents, this makes an excellent gift! They have this in pink too for girls--girls get a dove in the center and boys get a cross.
Little Disciples also carries bibs and infant hats with the same cute little sayings on them too. Be sure to visit their website and pick out something cute for your baby today!

Here is a special sneak peek of my daughter, Janai, sharing our blanket and onesie with you:


(Be sure to turn off the music in the sidebar before viewing!)


Sherri said...

Praying that more moms will know the calling of raising children in the way they should go.


Lady Kara said...

"The Prince of Wails"! LOL! I love it!! Very important post. Good job!

Angel said...

Comfort in the Word also sells beautiful quilts:

Anonymous said...

What a great resource. I love the joyfull noise onesie - perfect for taking a little one to church as a reminder to those around us.

I also love the I roll with Jesus - how cute is that?

Thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...

Ms June,
love this site! I also loved the New Creation store. I bought the ruffled jean skirt from them. It's just adorable! If I had any babies, I'd be all over the Little Disciples site. Just thought I'd let you know, I did a post on my purchase, with a link back to your page. Thanks for keeping us informed!

Mamajil said...

Love the quilts with scripture and the onesies!!! Its so true we have a big job as parents and we need to be speaking the word into our lives as well as our children's lives. Awesome word and links thanks for the post!


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