Monday, September 22, 2008


This movie will be out in four days, it is from the same producers of 'Facing the Giants'. My daughter has been waiting for this one to come out. To view the website for more info check out:


  1. Mrs. Fuentes,

    Thank you for the clip. We were talking about this movie at our homeschooling Mom's night out.

    Must say I really like the new look! Brown and pink were the colors in my childhood bedroom.

    Ellen Taylor

  2. I was blessed to attend a pre-release screening of "Fireproof". It is fantastic! It truly touches the heart!

  3. We're so excited for this movie! My husband is nearing the end of paramedic school and preparing to enter the fire academy to be the hero in our community that he is at home. He works between 70 and 80 hours a week between work, school, clinicals, and studying, but always makes time for me and our 6 month old son. Our second anniversary is in about 3 weeks and we've never been more in love. We're eager to see marriages restored and our mighty God glorified through the work of this film. Thank you, Lord, for my hero of a husband!

  4. I saw the screening and saw it again yesterday....all I can say is I have taken the dare and am reading through the Love Dare. It's been hard because from day 1, my marriage went under attack. It's day 4 and we are still under attack, but we are fighting together.


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