Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Mother's Touch

A mother is invaluable.

Have you ever realized what life would be like without mothers?

Little tears would go unnoticed. Rips in pants would not be sewn. Cookies would not be made and parties would not be held. Childhood memories would be stark for there would be no one there to plan the 'special' into them. And the home would be lonely because the heart of the home would be missing.

Only a mother knows when something is wrong with little Johnny when no one else notices. Or when Suzy's dress needs hemming. This is why our hearts cannot drift from our homes. This is why we need to stay in the Word. Because people are counting on us.

Mothers add love to the home. They bring joy and freshness and love. They nurture and cultivate little budding souls. They know how to stir up courage in a young son and stir up the love of homemaking in their girls. They know that one day their children could make a difference for Christ---so they know they must be faithful. They do not give up---but instead they persevere. They 'hope all things' because they know that even with the child they are ready to give up on---that the Lord is Sovereign--even over the one who seems they are going astray.

Mothers, do you know the power you hold in your hand to change the course of history? Do you not know the quote 'the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world?' has been around for some time now for a reason? Your influence in the home, with your husband, with your children, family and neighbors can make a difference.

So don't think you are hiding your life away behind four walls and begin feeling pitiful. World-changing is hard work. It isn't glamorous and it isn't always pretty. Sometimes we just need to roll up our sleeves, do the hard thing and get to work loving those around us. We need to stop being so absorbed with ourselves---the "me"-mentality the squashes our abilities to see the great needs around us. The need is huge (don't believe for one minute that all is well with the neighbors next door) and Satan wants us handicapped, depressed and self-absorbed so that we can't see past ourselves and our fleeting desires.

So ladies, lets roll up our sleeves and get busy---we've got some world-changing to do...


twoboys said...

thank you for such a wonderful reminder! I found your blog a couple weeks ago and feel I have learned so much from your posts.

I truly appreciate your words of encouragement and the lessons you share. I am a mother at home with 2 very active young boys - some days I do want to give up but you have reminded me that I must persevere and be faithful. Afterall, God has given this wonderful job to me and only me.

thank you

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I'm having one of those days and really needed this. I really enjoy your blog. Getting off the computer now to go and play with my kids. Thanks again!

Jessica said...

That was wonderful! Thank you!

Abounding Treasures said...

This is an amazing, encouraging, challenging and inspiring post :o)

My children are all now grown but I agree wholeheartedly with these sentiments!

Thanks so much for sharing.

Katheryn said...

What a great reminder of the service we do for our families. How truly invaluable our "job" is. The most important part is spending our time in the Word. Guarding our hearts and our minds so that we may shine like a light for our children. Thank you for the encouragement.


Nancy said...

Thank you. I've been struggling lately, wondering if I'm a good enough mom for my kids. But I do know that I help them when they need me, make their special days special and I know when something is wrong.

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I really needed that, so much. :)

Chelsey said...

These are such wonderful words and so timely for me. I just blogged today about my own mother. Feel free to stop by and "meet" her.

Cath said...

I am a sobbing mess today! Just when I was thinking that I'm done and can't go on; can't get through to my special needs little one, you post this!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Terry said...

Beautiful. Thank you.

Sarah Mae said...

You always have the most beautiful posts, ones that really hit home and remind of the good things - the important things in life.

Thank you.

Herb & Rhonda said...

This is a lovely post, June--thank you for the encouraging words--from one mamma to another~

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! Lately I feel so alone and that I wasn't meant to be a mother. not only is your post a great reminder but just reading the comments has made me feel "not so alone"

Anna at Joy In Every Step said...

Thank you for the wonderful reminder to us mothers. Mothering is defiantly not an easy job, but oh so rewarding! Thank you for the encouraging words.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I have worked hard the past couple of weeks preparing for my son's graduation from homeschool (baking for the freezer as well as cleaning and cooking).

That evening my husband told me he thought not many mothers would work so hard but I had to disagree. I think within most moms (especially those I meet in church and among homeschool communities), that is the way we minister.

It is not always the big things like graduations,open houses, holidays, etc. but the little ways we give through each days that makes a family "look up and call her blessed". :)


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