Saturday, May 31, 2008

Great Grammy's Home

My fondest memories of Great Grammy's home is her garden. She had a strawberry and blackberry patch and we would pick them together and put them in baskets. I cherish that sweet memory because that is the only memory I have of her. She did not speak any English----only Hungarian, but she loved me, I remember, because I could just feel it. I also remember her cooking cabbage rolls in a pot.

The only heirloom I have from her is a Bible. I keep that Bible in my drawer and when I see it I think of her. Every now and then I will look through it and wonder what her thoughts were as she read through it. Was she saved? Did she pray for me? What were her struggles?

I don't really remember her home, but I do remember her scent. Isn't it amazing how we can conjure up childhood memories with an aroma or fragrance and suddenly, in a speed of light, have flashed back in time when things were simpler?

How sometimes I wish I could go back in that garden and spend time with her. How I wish I could just hug her and thank her for my grandfather. I would hug her and give her a kiss on the cheek. I would hold her hand and smile in her eyes. Did she ever know that there would be a generation that would love and follow the Lord? Was that her prayer when she was alone in her room?

Great Grammy's memory will forever rest in my heart and even when I am old and gray my desire will be to walk through that special strawberry patch again---where time stood still-- and pick berries with her.


Lori... said...

What beautiful memories! I have didn't know any great-grandparents, but my grandmother from my father's side and I were very close. She gave me a pocket bible of salvation, but never talked with me about salvation. I wonder too if I will see her when I go home.

Memories are grand. God's gift to us while we still remain on this planet.

Thanks for the stroll down memeory lane!

Mrs. Anna T said...

How sweet!.. I love my own dear Grandma's beautiful soft Hungarian accent. I'm so happy she is still here, vibrant and full of life, with us!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful memory! You know I don't have that for myself, but your memory is one that I hope to have for my own grandchildren. You know I haven't heard to many people mention Hungarian, but I am Hungarian, actually my whole family is. My mom still makes those delicious cabbage rolls. Have a blessed day.


ElleBee said...

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful memories with us.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful memories. I have some great memories of my grandmother too and now that she is gone to be with the Lord I am able to remember them and it's puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing.

The Shindels said...

My Gram (as we called her) graduated to be with the Lord last year just before Mother's Day. Though she wasn't a Great Grandmother when she passed away, in this past year, she would have been a Great Grandmother 4 times. It makes me sad to think she will never meet my son, but happy to think of the legacy she left and the stories and memories my son will learn of his Great Gram.

boutcrazy said...

Thank you for taking me back to a time when my Grannie was here. I have her Bibles, and she wrote notes in her Bibles and prayers. I've read notes where she prayed for my father when he was baby and for me when I was child, she prayed for my future husband. I'm so honored to have her words in the Word.

My other Grannie turned 95 last month and I love sitting with her and laughing and quilting together and talking about God.

Kerimae said...

I have memories of my Greek grandmother's fried doughnuts (on an open fire) and fresh warm goat's milk with chocolate. I also remember her throwing chicken feed from her apron. I miss her and wish I could have gotten to know her better.

If you are able and willing, would you email me with where you found this print of the little girl? I'd love to buy one; she looks JUST like my daughter!


Kerimae AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

It's interesting what you said about remember the smell and not the house. I have the same experience when it comes to the private school I went to up till 2nd grade. I remember the smell yet I remember nothing else.

It's always wonderful to have memories of the past, especially when they are happy ones.

God Bless

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