Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Question

When the Lord spoke to you today.......did you listen to Him?


  1. Wow! The Lord spoke to me through a book this morning (written by a godly woman), then I received an e-mail which contained two points reiterating what He had spoken. Then I visit this blog, which I stumbled on providentially through another blog, and am asked if I listened.

    God is good and is using several confirmations to get through to me. Bless His holy name!

  2. I have been reading " The excellent wife" and read last night about how i need to be submissive to my husband not only because it is the right thing .but it is a thing that God has asked me to do and if i don't do it i am disobeying Him.
    That is what the Lord is telling me.......if I love Him .and I do then Honor and respect you Husband.

    In Christ Jenn

  3. Hello there

    Your blog is so beautiful is so many ways!

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    Bless you


  4. I have been reading through your lovely blog and just wanted to stop and leave a message of encouragement to you. It is so nice to read about godly women.

  5. Yes...on a certain matter I did..and then the verse HE gave me, I blogged about it..


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