Thursday, December 20, 2007

Are You Wise or Foolish?

As my blog title properly states---we can either choose to be wise women who build up their homes and advancing the kingdom of God here on earth or foolish women who pluck down our homes with our own hands. Hopefully we are working less on the latter and more on building up our homes.

But do we know what the Bible says about what true foolishness is? How will we prepared to teach our children not to follow on the path destructive path of folly if we ourselves do not know what the word of God says about it?

Jack McDonnell
has done an excellent job putting together a clip portraying what the word of God says about a man of foolishness and and a man of wisdom. Click below to learn what category you might fall in:

(Remember to turn up the sound on your computer so you can hear the music on this clip, and turn off my music in my sidebar!)

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Anna S said...

The book of Proverbs is a never-ending, never-outdated treasury of wisdom!

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