Thursday, October 25, 2007

25 Characteristics of A Fool

Does this list describe anyone you know?

Does it describe your children?

Does it (heaven forbid) describe you?

25 Characteristics of a Fool

1. Despises wisdom and instruction (Prov.1:7)

2. Hates knowledge (Prov 1:22

3. Grieves his mother ( Prov 10:1)

4. Enjoys devising mischief (Prov 10:23)

5. Right in his own eyes (Prov 12:15)

6. Quick to anger (Prov 12:16)

7. Hates to depart from evil (Prob 13:19)

8. Deceitful (Prov 14:8)

9. Arrogant and careless (Prov 14:16)

10. Rejects his father's instruction (Prov 15:5)

11. Despises his mother (and/or father) (Prov 15:20)

12. Does not respond well to discipline (Prov 17:20)

13. Does not understand wisdom (Prov 17:16)

14. Has a wordly focus (a carnal value system) (Prov 17:24)

15. Grieves his parents (Prov 17:25)

16. Hurts his parents (Prov 17:25)

17. Will not discuss any view point but his own (Prov 18:2)

18. Provokes others to strife and anger by his words (Prov 18:6)

19. A smart mouth usually gets him in trouble (Prov 187:7)

20. Is quarrelsome (contentious) (Prov 20:3)

21. Is a spendthrift (Prov21:20)

22. Repeats his folly (foolishness) (Prov 26:11)

23. Trusts in his own heart (Prov 28:26)

24. Cannot resolve conflicts (Prov 29:9)

25. Gives full vent to his anger (Proverbs 29:11)

(From the book The Heart of Anger by Lou Priolo)



Anna S said...

A very challenging list! I can't say it describes me, but some of those issues I do struggle with.

Brenda said...

Wow! That's very powerful to have them all listed out like that. I read them scattered throughout Proverbs, but I would not have thought God's word had THIS much to say about it!
And the broken heart of those parents is beginning for some when their child is only 2 years old!

To God Be The Glory said...

Hi June,

Did you have a post a while back about someone looking for information about celiac disease/gluten-free diet? A lady commented on my blog asking further questions but she did not leave an email or any way to contact her. Her name is Charlotte Silberburg. I have more information for her if I can find her. :)

Thanks so much!


Mrs. June Fuentes said...

Dear Rachel,

Not that I can remember but if she's lurking perhaps she'll see your post.

Many blessings...

Laura said...

Thank you for your site. I'm a new mother and blogger. My mentor recommended your blog to me; I'll be perusing your thoughts, if you don't mind! I've also recommended your husband's site to my husband, Ryan. Ryan loves how your husband keeps things short and sweet and very visual; it speaks easily to men! We had to laugh at the difference between a "man's blog" and a "woman's blog" (most of the blogs that I read are full of beautiful words and reflections, etc. and I love them!). I've begun my blog at

Michelle said...

Wonderful list! And very challenging!

Kimberly said...

I have been reading your website and have been greatly encouraged to examine the way that I make our house our home. My husband and I just got married in January and moved to Charlotte, NC. I used to live in NW IN and my parents still do. I just wanted to share with you the irony that I see in that moving over 730 miles away I am still learning from you. Thank you for the time and the effort you have put into this site and into your ministry.

Keri said...

What power to see all of the scriptures in one list as such! A good follow up would be, "how to respond to a fool".

Appreciate your blog,

uzza said...

“whosoever shall say, Thou fool, shall be in danger of hell fire” (Matthew 5:22)

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