Saturday, August 25, 2007

Who Has Their Heart?

Who has the heart of your children?

Do you have their hearts?

Or do television, the computer, video games, peers, activities, drugs, and music groups have it?

"My son, give me thine heart, and let thine eyes observe my ways." Proverbs 23:26

You might have your children's hearts when they are younger, it is easier to keep then. But as they grow old over the years it is important to watch over your child and your relationship with them. Here are some signs from Keeping a Childs Heart by the Maxwell's of a drifting heart:

1. Child won't listen to his parents or value their words.

2. Child will be argumentative.

3. He will challenge what his parents say and any decision they make that displeases him.

4. While all children tend to be focused on themselves, this child will be even more self-centered.

5. Rather than looking to his parents for direction and counsel, he will be proud and arrogant.

6. As he grows old and gains more freedom, he may begin to act deceitful and lie when doing things he knows his parents wouldn't have let him do.

7. He justifies his wrong actions and views his parents negatively because "they don't understand."

8.They will not prefer to spend time with you.

9. Ultimately, he may lead his siblings in rebellion against the parents. This scenario brings grief and heartache.

You want to keep your children's hearts so that you can influence them to live a godly life and and reduce the chances of losing them to this world. It is a huge blessing to have their hearts. If we did not have their hearts in the beginning we might not even realize we do not have their hearts. It is always important for us to watch over our children---like a shepherd inspecting it's flock---to look for warning signs of distancing in the relationship. It is also not a 'one-time' process that once you have your child's heart it is kept that it will be kept forever. As stated above, the heart can drift so there is always the process of watching over, and then if needed to go after the child's heart.

What do you do if you realize this is taking place in your home?

This will be the topic of my next post. Until then truly evaluate and assess the relationships in your home and approach all of this in humble prayer. This is truly a new concept to many of us. Also---think about the fact of how your home is structured. Do you even have time to spend with your child and not being too busy with other fleeting things? The Lord will guide you as you honestly look within the walls of your home. Until next post...


Sallie said...

I love to read your posts.. I have you saved in my RSS feeds so I know right away if you have a new one up.

Thanks for writing about topics like this one and making us think on the important things!

God bless,

Anna S said...

Excellent post. I'm eagerly awaiting part 2. If God ever blesses me with children, I will do *anything* to have their hearts.

The Jersey Homesteader said...

I have been delighted to find your blog. It just helps me with my walk as a home keeper. Thank you.

Bren said...

It is difficult to have the heart of a child that you get after the age of 2 or 3. The are waiting to be hurt again and can not trust. I know this is not the norm, but it is my reality. In dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder, I anticipate part 2.

kike said...

It is nice to know there is a website as this one.I have 3 daugthers myself and my prayer is that they impact their generation for Jesus.

I encourage women and you can visit me at

cathy said...

I am so thankful for your blog. When I was a young mother there weren't to many people wanting to help train mothers how to be Godly mothers.Thank you . Our young women need training on how to create families for Christ, and keep them in Christ.Much love in Christ to you! Cathy

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