Saturday, June 9, 2007

Large Family Cooking

There is a reason why there is a big picture at the beginning of this article of a crockpot. There is no way I could remotely begin sharing with you without pointing out my greatest secret weapon throughout the years of intensive busy schedules. Even as I type this the aroma of simmering mouth watering chicken is beckoning me from the kitchen.

I have been dubbed the 'crockpot queen' on more than one occassion and have no guilt for preparing healthy meals for my family without having to go the fast food route because I hadn't planned ahead. Cooking for a large family is simple and can be done in minutes and voila~a meal fit for a king!

A few years back when my daughters were too young to help with the bulk of the cooking I turned to my new best friend, the crockpot. I could pop dinner in the post in the morning, turn a switch, go about my day without having to check on it and a dinner time have a savory meal ready for my hungry brood and husband.

It was very valuable during the time we'd have school as I would hate to have to stop what I was teaching to think about what I was going to make,pull it out, prepare it, etc. I would also use more than one crockpot sometimes for sides such as potatoes or squashes, just toss them in---they don't even need water. I would buy small pumpkins, sweet potatoes, etc and even make fresh baby food.

I have a total of three crockpots all together. Two were gifts and one I picked up at a garage sale for a few dollars. Sometimes when I would host a party after church on a Sunday when we would be at church I would have all three going at one time and the aroma when you entered the home after a long day of fellowship the smell that came from those crockpots were so welcoming and inviting---everyone would comment on how the house would 'smell like a home'. Not to mention that food was ready for the guest that had just arrived and no one had to wait for me to cook something up!

Many moms tell me they spend alot of time in the kitchen and want to know how I am able to accomplish what I do through the course of the day if I am cooking. That is my secret, the ever-loving crockpot. I don't have to spend hardly anytime in the kitchen if I don't have the time. I've never heard my children complain once about the homemade, nutritous meal I've made for them and they love the smell of food permeating the house knowing something delicious is awaiting their next meal. There is nothing as easy as dropping in a roast and having it come out nice and tender and ready for your husband to sample when he comes home from a long day of work. Trust me and try it---you'll never go back.


Anonymous said...

I'm not married and I don't have children, but I saves a bit and bought myself a nice slowcooker. I love that little appliance.


Anonymous said...

I love my slow cooker. I've been using it for almost a week now, pretty much every night! I love cooking meats in it. They come out so tender and juicy! So far, I've made a pot roast, pork chops and sauerkraut with apples, and a lemon garlic chicken and rice dish. It's so easy to prepare foods this way and I love the smell it gives off all day long, as you wait for it to finish cooking. Mmmm...

Svetlana said...

I have two crockpots, and I'd love to use them more, but am having trouble finding recipes with cooking times of 9-10 hrs (I work outside the home full-time currently). Coming home for lunch and starting the crockpot dinner than is impractical and usually incompatible with the 7-8 hour cooking times. Please help?

Kathy said...

I LOVE my slow cooker too:) Many recipes floating around arent that healthy or practical--it would be fun to somehow collaborate how we use our slow cookers:)

Svetlana-I have seen slow cookers with timers. It may be a investment at first but could be a big help. You could set out COLD food and then food wouldnt sit out at room temperture long enough to be a problem. I have also run the crockpot overnight and then refridgerate and reheat. works well for some things:)

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