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Titus 2 Time: Biblical Advice for Young Single Women

Recently we asked our community to share some biblical advice for young women. 

Before I share them with you, here are a few wise words I'd personally like to share with you on this important topic!

Here they are:

1. Get yourself right with the Lord and make sure you are saved. 

2. Study God's Word as much as possible and know what it says. Get yourself a good Bible to read everyday. 

3. Grow your prayer life and grow closer to God.

4. Resolve to live a godly life and take steps to do so. (Some examples would be go to church, obedience to God, turning away from sin, making new Christian friends, etc.)

5. End a bad dating relationship (esp. if it's toxic, abusive, you are being used for sex, it's not the person you want to marry)

6. Make healthy choices - such as join a local church, join a Bible study, learn to serve (esp. your immediate family), quit drinking, smoking, drugs, bad habits, etc. Learn how to take care of yourself and eat healthy and exercise. 

7. Pray for your future spouse and children.

8. Prepare yourself for you future spouse - learn what it is to be a godly women from the Bible and prepare yourself spiritually, mentally, and physically. Learn new skills that will help you to cook, clean, organize, manage a home, and take care of children.

9. Learn from godly women around you. 

10. Ask the Lord for wisdom in all things and put your complete trust in Him. 

Here was some of the advice from other ladies:

Paul says that singles care for the things of God while married people care for the things of this world (in a Godly way.) Use this time to serve others. Your family first, then those that are also of the household of faith, and then your community. Don’t waste this precious time. Once you have your own family, you’ll be in a different season - the season of serving your husband and children. Now’s the time for service and ministering to others.  ~ Kitty G.

"Remember that our flesh will take us farther than we planned. Don't think you'd never (insert action here). Be clear on your values and don't compromise them. If he truly loves you, he will never ask you to compromise your beliefs or integrity." ~Danika H.

Do not follow your heart, as the world tells you so often. Guard your heart and stay obedient to God's word. Follow His heart and His ways. Focus on faithfulness. ~Valerie S. 

Do not compromise your purity. ~ Mandy L.

Make a list what a good Godly husband looks like for you. Use the Bible as a reference for your thoughts. Be specific!! Pray over it daily so it's always fresh on your mind and when people meet you the list is right there to help you discern. It was a piece of advice my dil gave me when my late husband committed suicide and I had 7 kids at home. In less then a year He provided me with a man I couldn't have dreamed of. My new husband is more than the list. He met everything on my list and even things I could have gone without I still got!! It made it easy to walk from men who were interested but didn't fit the list. My life isn't perfect but He gave me someone perfect to finish the race with.  ~Juliet R.

Trust God and His timing. Focus on growing in faith. Get involved in church and organizations that share your values. Develop yourself, take classes, study, pursue interests, hobbies, and travel. Be content alone and enjoy the breathing space... It's a time of growth and blessings, see it as a positive. ~ Annette B.

You can read over 100 of their comments HERE.

*As always, this is a public page on our social media so please use discretion. We do not endorse every single comment shared. 


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Sweet friend, do you know the Lord and if you are going to heaven? Please read this to be sure.

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