Sunday, March 12, 2023

The Book of Jeremiah Bible Study

This past month I worked my way through studying the book of Jeremiah. 

What a blessing it was!

I wanted to share a few interesting facts that I learned...

*Did you know that Jeremiah was known as the: 

~Weeping prophet

~Reluctant prophet and

~the Prophet of loneliness

*He also was the only prophet commanded not to marry. 

*This book is also the longest book of the Bible because of it's word count. 

(Many people believe the longest book is Psalms because of it's many chapters, but in regards to word count Psalms places third, Genesis second, and Jeremiah first.)

*Jeremiah preached 40 years to a rebellious people who wouldn't listen to God. 

This is such a great reminder that God loves us so much that He is very patient with us not wanting us to perish. 

*God gave Jeremiah two visions. They were: 

~A branch of an almond tree (meaning God was watching to see His Word fulfilled).

~A boiling pot tilted away from the north (the coming invasion of Babylon).

*Jeremiah is believed to be around 20 when he was called to prophesy and his father, Hilkiah, was a high priest. 

*Jeremiah wore a yoke around his neck, as directed by God, to symbolize captivity and slavery.

*The Lord touched Jeremiah's lips and gave him the words he needed to say. 

*The last chapter of Jeremiah is a historical book. 

*It is said that he was later imprisoned and died a martyr by stoning. 

You can read the book of Jeremiah HERE.

My current study is the life of Elijah.

I look forward to sharing with you about it soon!

What have *you* been studying?

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