Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Nativity Scene: Special Tradition Project with Children

What are some of you favorite holiday traditions?

I recently asked this question on our Facebook page and a sweet lady named Martina K. shared this:

"Creating and building the Nativity scene with my grandchildren."

And then she shared these beautiful pictures:

Martina said,"My granddaughters favorite part besides putting baby Jesus in his manger is placing all the animals into the scene. Every year she adds more animals. ☺️ her motto is, the more the merrier! "🤩

Of course, as soon as my 7 year old daughter saw this she began running around the house and collecting supplies to create her own Nativity scene! She also went outdoors with a basket and collected sticks and stones.  She literally spent hours adding to it. 

This is such a wonderful way to connect with your children and grandchildren and bring to life the story of the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ and make it the centerpiece of your home!

Thank you so much Martina for sharing your pictures with us, we really appreciate it,

If you are looking to recreate this in your own home,  and you need a nativity, you can find some HERE for children and some HERE for adults. 

I also think a great touch would also be to add these Names of Jesus ornaments if you had a tree near it as well. 

You can find more lovely ornaments like these HERE.

What are some of *your* favorite holiday traditions?

Please share them with us!

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