Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Christmas Nativities for Your Home & Family

Do you have a nativity in your home during the holidays?

I know that there are many people who like to keep it the focal point. 

They might put it on the mantel or a special table. 

Some put in under the tree.

Some even get a set for their kids to play with a remember the birth of our Savior. My children were always able to play with one that I set within reach for them. 

One mom shared that she would take out one piece of the Nativity leading up to the day of Christmas and on that day bring out baby Jesus lying in the manger. 

Either way, it is a great way to keep Christ the focus during the holidays!

Here are a few favorites:

Collections Lighted JOY Nativity

The Hand Carved Willow Tree  Nativity Set can be found HERE.

This Nativity set includes real Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh!

This one does too!

This Burton Nativity is extra beautiful with lots of detail. 

You can find many more beautiful sets HERE!

Here are some by price:

Nativities under $25.

Nativities under $50.

Nativities under $100.

Nativities $100 and above. 

You can make it even more special by adding extra lights arounds them. 

If you like getting a Nativity for your children here is a great post full of them:

Little People Nativity with lights and music

Melissa and Doug Nativity with Stable

Don't forget the outdoor nativities:

This white one can be found HERE.

This lighted gold one is nice--you can find several more options HERE.

Which one is *your* favorite?

I hope you find one that you love and help make the focus

 of your home Christ during the holidays!

Note: This post contain affiliate links - thanks for your support!

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