Tuesday, July 20, 2021

What Kindergarten Curriculum I Use

Last year my youngest sweet little daughter Bella was in Kindergarten. I always get asked what I used so I thought I would also share here today. 

As some of you know I have been homeschooling for over 25 years. Back then they did not have all the options they do now, but I have to say I am pretty content with what I have used for this grade level which is the Abeka curriculum. The colorful pages and and fun exercises were a hit with my daughter too. 

Here are a few books from there:

All of my kids have used it and have done well with it. I also know how to use it and don't need any extra planning so I like that it is straight and to the point saving me a ton of time planning. With a big family this was a must have!

Here is a picture of the complete bundle:

We do the workbooks but there is also a video option. I never opted for that because I had heard the hours were long and could get tedious for children (even older teens) so we just stuck with the regular book curriculum. 

They have an option to be accredited or you could just work on your own! It depends on whether or not you would want this option.

I also like to use the curriculum according to my schedule and would adjust it to work best for us. If I feel like there was too many problem on a page we'd only do half. I remember teacher's doing this in school too--remember doing only odd and even problems? I do!

I also remember reading that Abeka was advanced, so I liked that and felt confident knowing that if I used them that my kids would be up to the level they needed to be. 

I still use Abeka as the core curriculum to our basic classes even in high school but I have added several different books in to suit different child's needs and supplement their schooling.

For example I like using this handwriting book better:

You can find Abeka HERE.

*And at their website but they are a bit expensive and I usually like to get them for less! Check also Christian Book as well.

Not too long ago I also did a post on How I Taught My Child to Read:

And I also did one here on our PreSchool Curriculum: 

I hope this was helpful to you!

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