Monday, February 1, 2021

Mothers, Don't Neglect Their Souls

I recently read a quote from Richard Baxter as give these urgent words to mothers regarding their children:

"It is in your hands to do them the greatest kindness or cruelty in all the world: help them to know God and to be saved, and you do more for them than if you helped them to be lords or princes...

If you neglect their souls, and breed them in ignorance, worldliness, ungodliness, and sin, you betray them to the devil, the enemy of their souls, even as truly as if you sold them to him; you sell them to be slaves to Satan; you betray them to him that will deceive them and abuse them in this life, and torment them in the next."

~ This quote is from the book A Women's High Calling by Elizabeth George.

Dear Mothers, don't give up on raising your children or fighting for them in the spiritual and physical realm! 

Some may choose Him and some may not- but it is always our responsibility to point them to Him.

Remember that your child's story is still being written and it is not over yet.

So have hope and courage, dear mother, and continue to fight for them!

Do you know the Lord and if you are going to heaven? Please read this to be sure.

If you need help learning God's Word be sure to find a good Bible.

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