Sunday, December 26, 2021

How to Pick a Planner for 2022

The other day the children and I were having breakfast and we were talking about how quickly the month of December has flown by and how rapidly the new year is approaching us.

So I have been looking around at planners for 2022--this past year has been a doozy but we still have much to look forward to and plan. Don't let this past year get you down--use it for God's glory as there is still so much life and living to be had!  

I saw someone share this online:

And had a good laugh!

Let's just keep 2022 in prayer, okay? 

It's all in His hands anyways!

I like using my phone to organize my days, but I also like getting things down on paper so I can see the big picture so I like to use two planners to really help me focus long term--one for everyday life and homeschooling and one for blogging. 

A few ways a planner can be a great blessing:

  • Helps you to be a better time manager
  • Helps you to increase your productivity
  • Decreases stress
  • Helps you not forget what is important
  • Everything you need in one spot 

The different types of planners are:
  • monthly
  • monthly/weekly
  • pocket
  • calendar

And many planners are "goal-setting" focused, which are a great help.

I am a very visual person so I love being able to see how a month is laid out. I can see if we are over scheduling and make sure that we are careful to have breathing room in our calendar. I also like that it gives me a mind map of where we are headed.

Here are a few planners that look helpful:

The Blue Sky Frosted Joselyn above is very pretty and a great price and on sale right now. 

Some of my favorite planners are the Happy Planners- I always like getting at least one every year! The blue floral one can be found HERE.  I am going to list a few more later below. 

This cute striped one can be found HERE.

This pretty black and white and red floral planner is called Leah.

You can find this pretty one HERE.

The Neutral Jungle Planner can be found HERE.

The Let Go & Grow planner is especially beautiful on the inside. 

This one is the Dayspring Abide planner--so cute!

If you don't like what I've listed, you can find MORE PLANNERS HERE!

If you like large wall calendars instead, more power to you!

You might also be interested in these pens:

Or these metallic markers!

And these stickers:

And these handy divider sticky notes--I love them!

I hope you are blessed by these planners

and that they help you to plan an amazing new year!

What type of planner do you like to use?

Note: This post contains affiliate links - thanks for your support!


Regina said...

I love my Homemaker's Friend Planner and I buy planner stickers from
Hobby Lobby.

Anonymous said...

I purchased an Erin Condren for myself this year.


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