Thursday, September 28, 2023

30+ Fall Traditions for Families

Fall has got us busy with football season, fun classes, planning trips, and writing back all who signed up for our popular Christmas Gift Guide that will be released very soon (if you haven't yet-don't miss this great opportunity, you can do so here)!

But with all the hustle and bustle I still wanted to get in my fall bucket list and do the things that we love and have made a tradition in our home.

If you are looking for something special to do with your family you might want to try something off of our list:

1. Bake pumpkin seeds.

2. Eat all the pumpkin things - pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin pancakes, and more. And don't forget to drink pumpkin spiced coffee, salted caramel frappes, and lattes.

3. Visit a corn stalk maze or haybale maze.

4. Make your home a cozy haven for fall and smell amazing with this special fall potpourri.

5. Visit a pumpkin patch or makes little pumpkin patches throughout your decor at home.

6. Take a drive to view the beautiful fall foliage.

7. Pray for God's blessings and wisdom this fall season

8. Visit an apple orchard.

9. Have a bonfire with s'mores.

10. Host a Harvest party , learn about Reformation Day, or plan a Thanksgiving Re-enactment. 

11. Take a fall family photo (this can be used as Christmas cards later!).

12. Jump in raked leaves.

13. Visit a fall festival.

14. Go apple picking at your local apple orchard.

15. Do some fall crafts.

16. Make caramel apples or slices.

17. Make your own scarecrow.

18. Do a leaf rubbing.

19. Pull out your fall wardrobe and upgrade if needed.

20. Go on a fall walk and pick acorns and pinecones to paint and add glitter to them.

21. Make caramel corn or popcorn balls.

22. Make soup in a bread bowl or pumpkin bowl (don't forget to try adding squash or pumpkin).

23. Make something warm like a sweater, scarf, mittens, or a quilt.

24. Listen to Christmas music and start some early Christmas shopping (to get an early start, I have heard that some of you are already done!)

25. Make anything apple--applesauce, apple butter, apple pie, apple cobbler, etc. apple cinnamon bread.

26. Spend an afternoon doing fall printables (fall crosswords, fall word searches, fall coloring pages, fall word scrambles, etc.) with the kids.

27. Get fall books from the library for the kids and have a fall-themed Poetry Tea Time using these fall cookies (from Aldi). You could even start a new encouraging book or devotional for yourself.

28. Have some friends over for some fall themed pie and cocoa.

29. Start a thankful tree or a thankful jar.

30. Plan a fall trip or vacation.

31. Visit a football game.

32. Pop some popcorn, snuggle up under some blankets and watch some fall movies with the kids, like this one or this one. 

What else would you add to the list?

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Tara Beechy said...

Yes! I am such a huge believer in family traditions. As my kids grow older, I realize just how much those traditions mean to them. Family traditions don't have to be elaborate or expensive, sometimes the most simple things stick out in their minds the most!This is a great list of ideas.

Making apple cider at the local cider mill, watching Disney's Squanto the night before Thanksgiving, (not the most historically accurate, but fun nonetheless:-)drinking hot apple cider during real aloud time and decorating for fall are just a few of our favorite family traditions.

June Fuentes @ A Wise Woman Builds Her Home said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas, Tara!

Have a blessed week!


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