Monday, September 18, 2017

How to Begin Nature Journaling in Your Homeschool

Have you ever tried nature journaling to liven up your homeschool day?

My children look forward to the break from every day schoolwork to stop and enjoy a chance to draw and appreciate nature around us.

You don't really need much to start out with--we just try to keep it really simple.

Here is what we use:

They can be as cheap or as expensive as you'd like. You could even use these cute nature books:

We would go on a nature walk and collect all kinds of things such as:

  • leaves
  • crabapples
  • sticks and branches
  • feathers
  • acorns
  • rocks with special shapes

Really just anything that caught our interest and that we would like to sketch. 

I ended up making a nature table to display all our items and so the kids can touch them and play with them freely when they wanted to. 

We also got some field guides and books from the library of pictures of nature in case they wanted to sketch something from there.

I let them have about a half hour to sketch something they like and to have fun with it.

It is a great way to let them have some creative time to express themselves through drawing. 

(Thankfully we didn't see one of these on our nature walks
 but my son really wanted to sketch this one!)

Remember they don't have to be perfect and you don't need to have any rules if you don't want to.

In a later post I will share our nature table with you!

Do you like to nature journal in your homeschool?

If so, please share about it in the comments!

Note: This post contains affiliate links--thanks for your support!

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