Monday, September 11, 2017

Being a Mother is Worth Fighting For

"Being a mother is worth fighting for,

worth calling a career,

worth the dignity of hard work."

~ Edith Schaeffer, What is a Family

Nobody said that motherhood is easy--in fact, some days it is just plain old hard work!

There will definitely be days that it is extra hard and challenging, but us mamas need to know what is important and what isn't --and strip away the extra that can weigh us down sometimes and cause all kinds of problems like anxiety, stress, and depression.

For me that has meant:


If I am always on the run and not at home then I have less time to take care of things that I need to tend to. I try to say no to extra needless running around and extra activities that we don't find necessary. If I am at home I can focus easier on what needs to be done and what I need to do and not keep pushing it off---I can actually get to it!


I honestly have no idea where all the stuff comes from for 11 people. I keep whittling our stuff down and somehow more stuff keeps finding its way back in! But seriously, I am always trying to declutter because we would have no actually living space to live in if I didn't. I take this very seriously because I am very visual and can't just have things lying around all day---just ask my kids! Decluttering has been so important to everyday day sanity for all of us.


I want my children to be capable of many things, including being able to help out around the house. Some parents feel like it is hard to ask their child to just even clean their room today--but that should not be so. Our children need to take care of their space so they can be a blessing to others and not a burden. They need to know how to work hard and show others how to as well. My two older sons (seventeen and sixteen) are just recently now working several hours outside of the home and saving money to buy their own car. I think it is good for them to learn how to work hard and save for what they want. Too many children are used to money just being handed to them. I know they will appreciate it more when they have worked for it. It is important to train them to work hard so they can help around the house and not feel entitled to everything.


Over the years I have learned how important it is to know the God's Word and hide it in my heart for when those hard days come--and especially when they come in like a strong storm. Thankfully, we have God's Word which doesn't change and we can stand on it. With all the lies of the enemy, we need to use our armor to protect our minds and our hearts from the devil who would like to steal our joy.


When I am grateful for everything it changes my perspective on things. It doesn't cost anything to be grateful. It does require a mind that can be sober-minded. To purposefully direct itself on a thankful path even when you might not feel like it. For example, when I think of my kitchen as being small I am reminded that there is a poor woman making dinner on a dirt floor with a fire and she still wears a smile on her face. Or when my child starts to fray at my nerves, I am reminded of the woman who lost her child unexpectedly never to hold them in her arms again. I want to remember all these treasures we have and not take them for granted.

I know that hard days will come--but I challenge you to rise to the occasion and not let it wipe you out! Take steps to help make life less stressful for yourself and don't waste your energy on mom guilt.

I wanted to start sharing a special Book-of-the-Week for when motherhood gets tough that you might find encouraging. Today's is What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days by Holly Gerth:

We all have hard days--the kind that make us want to give up, retreat inside ourselves, and drown our sorrows in a pint of ice cream. And while we may crave all sorts of things to ease the pain we feel, what our hearts really need is to be filled up with truth. We need to be confident in God's character and his promises. We need to remember we're loved no matter what. We need to know we're going to be okay.

In this uplifting book, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, licensed counselor and certified life coach Holley Gerth shares the strength, peace, and hope that come from knowing who God is, how much he cares for us and why we can trust he'll get us through whatever we may face. Each of the 52 devotions based on the Psalms will help weary women remember that God is faithful, we're all in this together and there's a good plan for our lives. 


I hope it is a blessing to you!

Please know that I am praying
 for each and every single one of you.

What is *your* biggest struggle in mothering?

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