Monday, August 29, 2016

The Aroma of a Christ in a Home

Today we are covering the second chapter of The Most Important Place on Earth, I am so glad to see that so many of you are joining us and if you haven't already gotten your copy to follow along with us you may do so here. 

This chapter explains how a Christian home is a God place and has a certain..."smell", or better yet, the aroma of Christ which sets it apart from other homes and is quite noticeable when witnessed.

"Whose house smells like God to you? To what do you attribute that sweet aroma?"

When I think about homes I have been in that I definitely felt God's presence as opposed to homes that did not. These homes are full of love, grace, and mercy. Not perfect homes, mind you, but homes where I know that God is working and it reflected in the atmosphere of the home.

Stop for a minute and think about homes that you have been in. Your friend's home, your neighbor's, your sister-in-law's.

Which homes have impacted you?

And why?

"Your home will have the aroma of God when He is invited to be part of your day-to-day  life together. Then He is able to work in each person's heart and add His love and grace to your family."

Some of the points or habits that the author mentions to move toward having God more in your family life are:

1. Going to church - for growth and health and "assembling together".

2. Every member owning a Bible, reading it and memorizing Scripture (and making it fun).

3. Praising God and asking questions like "What did God say to you today?"

4. Praying together as a family

He reminds us that the suggestions above are...

"...not a magic formula, a scorecard, or a do-everything-or-it-doesn't count list. These are simply ways to allow your relationship with God to impact your family life."

As he discusses the habit of prayer I love how he paints "the hallowed" picture of a pajama-clad child laying down in bed after a long day and you sitting on the edge of the bed or on the floor kneeling by them and and clasping your hand in theirs to pray over their day.

You tell Jesus you love Him.

You thank Jesus for the precious gift of your child.

You thank Him for loving you, your child, your family and forgiving them and always protecting them.

You ask for God to help them to be a girl (or boy) who loves Jesus.

and so on...

"By the time you say amen, you'll  discover a distilled air of quiet hovering over the moment. This is a perfect time to remind your child how much you love her and how thankful you are that she's yours. It's a moment as close to sacred as you'll get with your kid all day. Take your time. Drink it in. Pull the covers up, and give a tender forehead kiss and a final "I love you."

And isn't that what it is all about?

Sharing the love of Jesus in a home.

Showing the true example of what love really is.

Touching their hearts with Him.

So that they might know Him.

And love Him too.

Yes, indeed it is.

Let us pray today that we can exhibit His love to those we love with great mercy and abundance!

If you are joining us for the first time, we are going through this book for the next few weeks and would love to have you join us! We will cover a chapter a week and in case you missed it be sure to watch the video and get the A-to Z  Bible Verse Printable to do with your children (we'll be doing it too). The book is still on sale so it is a great time to get it!

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