Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Father and Daughters: Turning Hearts and Banquet Pictures

Last night my husband took my three daughters out to their favorite annual Father Daughter Banquet:

A little girls heart looks forward to spending special time with Daddy...

Daddy and his three special girls
(who, I might add, are growing up way too fast!)

Here is the foyer of the Banquet hall--on the stairwell you can see a father getting a photoshoot with his daughters to be given to them as a gift before they leave.

A banquet is a special time for a daughter feel loved by her father
(This is Savannah and Tony, daughter and husband to Susie of Our Simple Farm)

and treated special
(this is Jesse and Herb, daughter and husband of Rhonda from Walking with Sarah)

Here is the table all set up with decorative frames containing the Bible verse:

"Let the Beauty of the Lord our God Be Upon Us"---Psalm 90:17

They get to take these frames homes as a gift with the photo they took earlier with their Dads.

that look like this
(isn't this adorable?)

The Banquet Hall

Then the games began! Daughters had to get their fathers ready for work and had to shave them with shaving cream and Popsicle sticks. They had to also put their ties on for them and put their shoes on.

Just to show how much a "gift" dad's were to their daughters, they had the daughters wrap their dads up like a gift!

I love the faces on these guys!

It looks like the girls were doing a great job!

Haha--And really enjoying themselves!

They had Todd Wilson from Family Man Ministries speak on turning the hearts of dads and daughters to eachother. He used these dolls to illustrate his point.

Afterwards there was dancing to songs like Cinderella, Butterfly Kisses--so appropriate..

I am glad I wasn't there, I think I would have been bawling like a baby!

(I will try to add a video to this post later today of the dance)

How sweet!

In the end THIS is what it's all about--

-a daughter feeling loved by her Daddy!

Thank you for viewing my pictures of the Father Daughter Banquet!


Henna Maria said...

June, thank you for the pictures. They were so sweet and really touched my heart. I am crying now, but it is a happy cry...so wonderful to see fathers having wonderful time with their daughters! I can just imagine what it does to the girls' hearts...to be cherished by their dads.

Kim said...

What a lovely tradition! All the girls looked so lovely! And this is something all the daughters and Dads will treasure always!


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